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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Myth of Columbus Day

Transformation of the Myth of Columbus to Reality
Oct 12.

In today’s world, there are many Americans whom celebrate Columbus Day for multiple reasons. A simple European historical perspective relays that Columbus discovered the “New World.” We, as educated people all know that he did not. Still it is just part of the myth of the European historical domination. The victors write history, but should that be the case in a free open democratic society. Columbus is a myth and the life we are living today is an illusion.
In 1492, the Europeans led by Columbus began their invasion of the “New World.” Today, many Italian-American’s celebrate Columbus Day as part of their heritage. His was voyage not financed by the Italian government but by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. Prior to sailing the Atlantic, he was a slave trader for Portugal, transporting West Africans to be pawns of the King and Queen.
As for the “New World”, how much of a new world was it. Columbus discovered what is now known as the Bahamas, Cuba and Hispaniola. The generally peaceful friendly native populations subsequently became enslaved. Worse yet many of them caught diseases from their conquerors and died. With the eventual colonization of the continents, whole races of people began to fall in orchestrated or accidental genocide.
Was it right, or is it the inevitable ways of progress? How about evolution, the weaker of the species could not survive and the dominant members continued on. Newer theories such as intelligent design probably claim that the Europeans were chosen by god to be the superior race. With either case it was not right, and does not justifying homage to the Columbus.
Relating all this to today, we see that the victors have written history. What about current affairs? What lies and myths surround us everyday? How many lies and pieces of deception fill our news? “Iraq has weapons of Mass Destruction”, “We are in Iraq because we were invaded.” The dominant media consistently dictates policies and drums up the war machine. Do you “really need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows?”
Currently, the War in Iraq is not going well, but many of you will stand out there and play along with their game. How many of you think things will be different with Hillary Clinton in power or anyone else in the Democratic Party. What good have they done preventing this war? How much more money have they authorized for the war? Will they talk about it now, and say it is wrong? After, repeated historical recounts the majority of us realize that the Vietnam War was a mistake. Is it going to take another 20years for us to realize that this war is just as wrong?
The problems are not with President Bush and the neo-conservative movement; the problems lie here with each of us individually. Like those in the past we as a culture are allowing the policies of the world to happen. The system is broken, and there is only one way to fix it, by action from within. As a society we have a choice. We can “stay the course” or we can choose our destiny. Columbus was in it for the gold, what are you? Break away from the myths of the past and the illusions of the present. The War in Iraq is wrong, honoring Columbus is wrong.
“Happy Indigenous People’s Day”
Robb Kidd

“It's a dream; Only a dream; And it's fading now; Fading away.” Neil Young