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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another Brick in the Wall

And the Walls keep crumbling down on the Republican House of Cards. As many in my circle of life already know the Republican Party is not a party of values, morality, fiscal responsibility, humanity or law. We are starting to see a major implosion of The Grand Old(oil) Party. There has been plenty of anti-Republican news arriving here in the Green Mountain State and it is starting to get interesting.

The Congressional race, the Democratic candidate Peter Welch has called for the return of American troops from Iraq. He has spoken against this war from the beginning and calls it and outright injustice. His opponent former Adjutant General of the Vermont Nation Guard, Martha Rainville stated just three weeks ago there are plenty of good things happening in Iraq and it is a shame the news media is not covering it. Commercials flood the airwaves paid for by the Republican National Committee stating that she is independent despite having Mommy Bush(Barbara) and Wiffy Bush(Laura) campaign for her here.

Another ad claims she stood up to the Pentagon when her troops were sent to Iraq without the proper protective gear, but nothing about sending them to war based on lies. She has refused to answer questions on whether she supports the war or not. Now, the latest words from Martha's mouth are that Iraq is a complete debacle. I wonder if those are really her words or not. A few weeks ago she was forced to fire a staffer who plagiarized policy positions from other politicians throughout the country, including conservative Hilary Clinton.

This is the same candidate that over the summer stated I do not necessarily believe that man is the sole cause of global warming. How things change she has now pledged to be a crusader for preventing global warming. She also has a lovely ad of her kayaking on a river claiming her interest in protecting the environment. Meanwhile her latest energy proposals call for more oil exploration and further usage of nuclear power. In addition she does not support the Wilderness Bill, which would have protected 46,000 acre. I should ask her what her stand is protecting the wild Chimichangas here in Vermont, there almost extinct. For those who are not aware of it a chimichanga is a deep fried meet burrito, which I'm sure Martha would not know. Election strategy: Lie, lie, Lie cheat and lie again…

The Senate race has become a mockery of politics. The Republican Rich Tarrant (one of the few multi-millionaires in Vermont) claims he can fix health care since he has made millions off the health care system by selling over priced medical software. People who have profited too much for the system are the reason health care cost so much, duh. Most of his campaign issues have centered on attacking Bernie Sanders or answering by "I have to look into that or I don't know. For Iraq, he claims that the American Military has done a good job and it is time to bring them back(well that is a good point), but on the other hand he just stated the other day that the US has given the Iraqis the freedom to have a civil war.(Huh)

Then the other day in a debate with Bernie Sanders he had to assault everyone's intelligence by demanding an apology from Bernie for a statement he said about President Bush. Bernie simply stated a fact that there are many people in the world who respect Osama Bin Laden more than they do President Bush, and that it is shocking that is the case in the world today. I wonder why. A president of a country that supports torture, illegal rendition of prisoners to secret prisons, removal of civil rights, preemptive war on a sovereign nation and had come to power by faulty elections sounds like one of those rogue nations to me. The truth of the matter is that Bush's standing in the world has fallen dramatically to levels so low that very few countries trust us. So, Mr. Tarrant's response was he should go to Venezuela. Maybe, after this election Mr. Tarrant can go back to his multi-million dollar home in Florida because truth of the matter most of Vermonters are to smart for his rhetoric.

The laughter just does not stop there. The governor made news this week as well. He finally stated that the Republicans in Washington including the President are a disgrace to the politics of the country. I ask why would a Republican Governor who was the state chair for President Bush's election campaign now finally question the President. Governor Douglass had no beef supporting his election, lays no fault in the War in Iraq, does not blame the spiraling national debt, does not question the non-funded No Child Left Behind or special education mandates, nor questions the exponential costs of health care. But what does perturbed him is the current atmosphere revolving around the Congressman Mark Foley affair. He does not like the leadership in Washington, but up until a few weeks he was fine with contacting anti-environment Congressman Richard Pombo to block the New England Wilderness Bill. I say he is scared and this career politician is sweating about loosing his job in the wave of anti-republicanism.

To top off the current trend, the President gets the most asinine award of the week. President Bush released a statement that said we are flexible in altering the course in Iraq. I guess the message is starting to hit home, that Americans do not like the war and that in a democracy the President must listen to the people. There goes that whole "Stay the Course" theme which he has said would remain for as long as it would take to achieve our mission. I recall that "Mission Accomplished" was on the aircraft carrier in 1993. The presidential staff claims that "staying the course" was never a term used by the administration. I guess they all think we are idiots.

The people are speaking and the politicians are starting to listen. The latest polls show that the Democrats are going to regain control of the House and Senate and the majority of state Governments. Hopefully we will begin to rectify all the mess that has been done by the Republicans. There is a fringe candidate here in Vermont named Peter Moss with the Anti-Bushist Party; he proposes a new government department called the Department of Un-Do to correct all the mistakes of the last six year. You got to love the idea, but what we need to do is remove every one of them who has supported this hostile regime, and that includes anybody who has supported the system from Vice-President to Town Clerk. After all they are just bricks in the wall…

Robb Kidd

"Mr. Jones, Please Tear Down that wall"


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