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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Melodious Voices of the Past

There is a deep chill in the air today. The seasons passed from summer into fall and onto the verge of winter. A lazy day for me today, but it was eventful. Sarah wanted to go to a folk music performance and so off we went. In my life I have seen live music in stadiums, on the sides of barns, on ships, and in churches so the performance of the day was not that new. A church for today to hear Deb Flanders perform collections of Folk Tunes from her great Aunts collection, Helen Hartness Flander. Helen a daughter of a Governor and wife of a Senator traveled throughout Vermont documenting and recording many of the folk songs played by early Vermont residents.

Unbeknown by me many of Vermont's first residents were of Irish decent so a lot of the songs were predominantly of Irish Origin. The early residents escaped Ireland during the potato famine and were able to acclimate well in Vermont. Not having today's forms of communication information was transmitted from generation to generation by song. Imagine, today's world trying to adapt to 19th century and early 20th century Vermont. On Friday, I heard the gubernatorial debate on WDEV and an elderly woman asked a question regards to broadband internet service in her community. There are people starving and struggling to pay their bills and a major issue is whether or not some one can have access to high speed internet service.

Internet access has become the latest form of television of the masses. Yes, I use the internet extensively, but to my defense it is to research and keep myself abreast of the news. Years ago in college, I was a computer science major but I transferred out of the major due to my hesitations of becoming a mere programmed machine. When the internet emerged I stated that it was just going to be another form of cable television. In fact the majority of internet users are either playing games, shopping or watching porn. Symbolically at that time was the first I read Henry David Thoreau's Walden, and he mirrors the same criticism to the advent of the telegraph machine. He states that so what about the latest invention; all people will want to know is what princess so and so is doing or what is going on in high society. The more things change the more things do not change.

The natural acoustics echoed harmonically through out the chamber of the Old Round Church of Richmond. The concert was a benefit for the Richmond Historical Society. Vermont has an avid interest in protecting and educating its citizens about the past. The Old Round Church has a remarkable history and was designed and built by the local residents in 1812. The church was shared by multiple religions and used as a town meeting hall. Imagine that, the various religious factions working together. It is a pleasant notion to realize that religions can work together, instead of the historical domination of killing. Although, it was nippy in the air; the performance warmed our hearts. The karmatic energy of the past connecting us to our futures. The key to the future is to understand the past and honor those from years past.


Robb Kidd
Exiled in Vermont

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana


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