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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The times are a changin my friends.

There is a blanket of gray covering over the sky today and you have to look real close to see any glimmers of light today. The light is there, but so many of us are blinded by our own illusions. That is the way of the world today, but fortunately "the times are a changin." Just look real close and you will see.

A lot of things have passed since I last recorded to my evolving peace blog. Today is the day I am beginning a greater change as is everyday. As I awoke today with no job in hand, I took the dog (Ella our furry friend) for a morning stroll into Hubbard Park. Oh, how beautiful to be in a town with woods and trees so close and to be free. I'm not in NJ anymore, here they have not paved paradise yet, or built that parking lot. So Ella and I frolicked through the park without a care in the world, but as I returned home I realize I do have a care.

Politics: I have heard many words spoken about politics, but too often they are negative. One time in the country, President Kennedy told the nation, "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country?" That is what I ask today. I have heard the lines that 'politics don't affect me', or even worse 'I know things are bad but that is just they way things are'. I ask did the founders of the country say that when they spoke out against King George and Great Britain or did the abolitionists say I know slavery is immoral but that is just they way it is?

Freedom is not free, without expression. I once saw a sign in a physical therapists office that has resonated throughout my life. The words "Use it or Lose It" howled at me. At that time, it was about regaining strength in my left hand after recovering from third degree burns, but to me those words mean freedom. We as a populace have a right to freedom, but only if we use it.

Having nothing productive to do today, I drove to Burlington to hear Congressman Jack Murtha speak in support of Candidate Peter Welch for Congress. For those who do not know, Murtha is a decorated Marine Veteran who has bravely served the country as a Marine and then since the 70's he has served Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives. Murtha was once known as a "War Hawk" Democrat who always advocated a strong military defense. Last year Murtha called for all US troops to return home from Iraq. He bravely stood up and declared that the war in Iraq is wrong and we as a nation have been manipulated by the Bush administration to support an illegal war. Moment's later Murtha had become the whipping post for America's conservative media, but for people like me he became a hero.

What bravery it is to stand up and say what is right, we all know the war is wrong, but unfortunately the GE's, The Rupert Murdoch's and the Sinclair Broadcasting Media corps' of the country profit to much from war. War is big business and profits, so it was fashionable to castrate Murtha's message. So today while I listened to Murtha speak in support of ending the war and advocate for Peter Welch's message for a new direction, I thought of a piece written by Daniel Ellsberg, "The Next War." Ellsberg's claim to fame was his responsibility of releasing the famed "Pentagon Papers." The Pentagon Papers from thirty years ago was vital on propelling the end to the US involvement in Vietnam. Ellsberg risked his own freedom and security exposing the lies of the Pentagon and President. We need more of that today, but until that time it all begins with a spark.

Congressman Murtha told us today that in his own mind he could not support this war on lies anymore and like Ellsberg of thirty years ago he changed his mind and is working for an end. That is where the courage is, to speak out when no one is else is there to speak out. Ellsberg just wrote in his piece that he still struggles within his own mind that he did not act quick enough, but in my mind it is never too late to speak out. To all those future Murtha's and Ellsberg's speak out, freedom use it or loose it.

Despite the gloom in the world and the gray sky today, I still see beacons of light. It is hopeful when we can see and hear that light. I hope and pray and do all that I can to foster that light.


Exiled in Vermont

Robb Kidd

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" Sir Edmund Burke


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