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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hijacking the Democractic Party

All is not peachy with the Democratic Party today. Political hack James Carville seems imposed to replace Howard Dean as chair of the Democratic National Committee. The Democratic Party had been in shambles after the last few years of Clinton's Presidential mishaps and years of right-wing fanaticism but the tide created by corruption, misled wars and destruction of our Constitution have brought back the Democratic Party in position to instill positive change within American democracy. Howard Dean's "fifty state strategy" has further instilled new strength and vision to country, but it seems that the centrists of the party are not happy with the direction.

As we may recall James Carville, political strategist for Clinton has been credited for orchestrating the campaigns of President Bill Clinton. We all have to question Mr. Carville's motives on trying to unseat Howard Dean. A closer look at the policies and past elections will reveal that Clinton's brand of the Democratic Party was not much different than Republican policy. Clinton came to surmise due to the path of the Democratic Leadership Committee. Their approach was to obtain large sums of money from Corporate America and dictate policy from the top down.

The initially success gave Clinton the presidency, but under the table the progressive roots of the party had been disenfranchised. The Democratic Leadership echoed the agenda of the Republican Party with only a few vague differences in social policy. While it is certain that Bill Clinton is sure not George W. Bush, Bill Clinton's presidency was mirrored in scandal and corruption. Clinton's presidency still favored corporate America while superficially appeasing the public with a vision of hope. In regards to Iraq, policy dictated continual bombing raids causing greater humanitarian hardships to the Iraq people. One can argue still that even his military approach to the Serbian-Bosnia conflict was too militaristic.

I for one hand after voting for President Clinton the first time vowed never again to vote for the Democratic Party after seeing the hypocrisy of policy. As a New Jersey resident for years, I choose to vote for the many fringe candidates, the Green Party and Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition. I suppose that here in Vermont I would have supported the Progressive Party or the Liberty Union Party. Senator-Elect Sanders too spoke out against the Democratic Party as being the same as the Republican Party, but times have changed and the Party has changed.

The birth of a new Democratic Party has emerged from the lies and deceit of the politics of today. Coinciding with this change has been the advent of the Internet revolution. The Internet has given a rise for multiple voices to be heard. Voices like mine which had been silenced by the mainstream media because we just do not follow the corporate model of profiteering have found a new medium to express our ideas. Howard Dean with his Presidential Campaign of 2004 saw how the Internet is an effective tool to mobilize and broadcast messages of hope. Dean realizes that true democracy relies on the participation of the public and that building a base of active citizens will counteract the corruption of politics by money. Grassroots democracy directly engages the citizenry into action.

While previous party leaders such as Carville may not support this path, they will inevitable have to. Democracy is by the people and can not be dictated by those from above. Mr. Carville can stay at home with his wife Mary Matalin (President George H. Bush political strategist, colleague of Karl Rove and top republican strategists) and think of ways to influence their kids, because as supporters of Democracy we will not be told how to think. The Democratic Party had been a representative of Labor, Women, Civil Rights, the Environment, Education and Peace. The Democratic Party had been the people's party and that is what it is becoming again, so move over Mr. Carville and the Democratic Leadership Committee, "power to the people."

Robb Kidd

"Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve." George Bernard Shaw


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