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Monday, November 20, 2006

Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam

So the President went to Vietnam and all he bought us was a lousy-tee shirt. Over 40 years ago President Lyndon B Johnson lied to the United States Congress about a supposed incident in the Gulf Of Tonkin. Johnson a wealthy Texan and his war hawk associates pushed Congress to approve the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which authorized further expansion of the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam Conflict. President Johnson lied to the public about a supposed attack on a destroyer in the Gulf and soon thereafter we were at full scale war.

Most Americans agree today that the US involvement in Vietnam was wrong and coinciding with the President's visit of Vietnam now most Americans agree that the war in Iraq is wrong. Now the same debate is echoing in Washington about what to do about Iraq as what it was to do about Vietnam. Oh, how the parallels of history are so strong.

The ardent war hawks of the Vietnam era claimed the "Domino Theory" as reason alone for continued occupation. If the US left Vietnam, all the surrounding countries would just fall like dominos and become communist. Additional there were those who claimed that the US just needed more troops in order to restore order and stop communism. After years of refusal and denial Richard Nixon inevitably removed all troops from Vietnam. While over 50,000 Americans and millions of Vietnamese had died in the war and many more still suffer from the after affects, one should question the principles of war. That was a war for Vietnamese independence from European colonization. President Clinton returned diplomatic normalcy to Vietnam and began cooperation in trade proposals, now Vietnam is supplying merchandise to America's consumer economy.

So thirty years later we can now see Vietnam is still "communistic" but the rest of the world has not spread towards communism, but actually the opposite communism has been collapsing. The debate rages on the Iraq War. Those who supported its initial onslaught are claiming the need to expand troop size or that the US needs to fight them over there before they fight us here. The ideas have not changed that much in forty years just the terms and places. Instead of Vietnam we have Iraq; instead of Communists we have Jihads, Terrorists and Islmo-Fascists. While the terms and places have changed the names and the people have not changed much.

Although, the exact names and positions may change we still have many of the same groups of people propagating the issues of war under the guises of patriotism. So in Washington today, after the President has been shown that the public does not want war anymore his trusted "non-partisan" group headed by influential associate James Baker III is supposedly going to guide him away from the war. The chief architect Donald Rumsfeld has resigned and led the way for Robert Gates to lead the Defense Department. Gates a man who has led the CIA and has been linked to the criminal and treasonable offenses of the Iran-Contra Scandal. The war is not the fault of just one man but of the whole system, the Military-Industrial complex. Those who have profited from war are the ones who are responsible.

The irony and parallels live on, 40 years ago the United States was lied into a war and was lied about the reasons why the could not get out of it, today we have been lied into a war and are being lied about getting out. So while the chief architect of today propagates his mission around the world we the populace still must look for ways to bring about dignity, hope and peace to the world. While the latest United States election cycle has brought about some hope there is need for further advancement. We the people are speaking and that voice says, "Impeach the President" and all those who are responsible.


Robb Kidd

"Let's impeach the President for lyin', and misleading our country into war, Abusing all the power that we gave him, and shipping all our money out the door, Who's the man who hired all the criminals? The White House shadows who hide behind closed doors They bend the facts to fit with their new story, Of why we had to send our men to war" Neil Young


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