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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Keep on Rocking in the Free World

A packed ballroom at the Wyndham Hotel in Burlington Tuesday night forecasted the momentous change about to reverberate around the country. Gathered there were the celebrations for Bernie Sanders' election to the Senate and Peter Welch's election to the House. Now, I have been to plenty of concerts and sporting events in my life but the room was rocking.

So I spent the last few months working on both of those campaigns on a hope that there was going to be serious change in the direction in Washington. The country had been overtaken by a band of right wing criminals and finally the nation is starting to see through their smokescreen. A change has begun not just in Vermont, but throughout the country but it does not just end with this election. Everybody must do their part to maintain and help grow this momentum into a sustainable force. Although, we have gained major ground in pushing back the criminal elements for corruption the goodness of the American people must continue to shine.

The power of people is already orchestrating change and the proof of that resonating can be seen with the not only the elections but the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The war in Iraq has been a debacle and built on lies. Many of us have been calling for the firing of Rumsfeld, and as result of our voices Rumsfeld has resigned. Now in reality, I would also like to see Cheney, Rice and Bush to leave as well. Thankfully, we now have a House and a Senate with a Democratic majority and that will put a check on the cabal in the White House.

Power to the people, it is our right to demand the change in Washington. Through my campaign experiences I have heard the frustrations and fears in many voices. There are many out there who still feel that the have no power in change or that politics do not effect them. Our mission is to inform everybody we meet to express their voice and demand to be heard. You can not me neutral on a moving train. I hear the criticism of my beliefs that it is just partisan politics that is fueling this debate, but I disagree. When vast amounts of people see that things are wrong and express that belief that is not partisanship but what is right. This election is more that just a vote for change but the birth of a new political movement.

We the people have the right to life, liberty and happiness. When our government strays from representing us we have that right to petition the government. We must all choose to use our voice and express it as loud as we can. Change comes from within, and that change comes from each of us individually. I can feel it in the air as I set about on my adventure tonight to Portland, Maine to hear Bob Dylan tonight, "the times are a changing."

Robb Kidd

"I believe that destiny has suggested that this small state of Vermont is in fact going to lead America in a very different direction and that day is going to come when all over America people are going to say, 'Thank You, Vermont'" Senator-elect Bernie Sanders.


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