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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mission Not Accomplished- Impeach the Chief

The time has come, the elections are over and we are about to embark on a new direction in Congress. Through all the campaign rhetoric we have been told by Democratic candidates that there needs to be oversight on the President and his administration. Let us call on that oversight to begin.

We as a populace know that the President and his administration deliberately lied to the American Public about the Iraq War and while the country has overwhelming voted out the Republican Congress and voiced there opinion about the need for change we still have a President in denial. No longer does the President state that we “must stay the course,” instead “we will not withdraw until the mission is finished.” Does anyone else recall him in his flight suit on the aircraft carrier with the banner emblazing the words “Mission Accomplished” along the deck?

Instead his hailed Iraq Study group headed by prized family associate James Baker III is about to release a report on what to do in Iraq. What has Bush and his associates been doing all this time that we need a “bipartisan” group (of War hawks and Chicken Hawks) to advise the President. It is clear that either the President has no intentions of ever leaving Iraq or that he is plain incompetent.

Now, there are some who can claim that he is incompetent, I disagree with that notion. You do not become President of any country or exceed that far in life by incompetence. The truth of the matter is that we had witnessed the lies and distortions leading up to the war, so what makes one think Bush and his administration could not continue to lie. In Baghdad, the US has built a base and embassy that is the size of many cities, much more than what is needed for a place of diplomacy. A fortress for the occupying forces to permanently dictate their demands on a subservient nation, while the oil fields are bleed dry to feed America’s addiction to oil. There was no goal ever to leave Iraq or to bring them democracy.

So while the nation waits to see a plan in place to end this war, the chief architects continue to evade the truth and operate with no repercussions. As a matter of civic responsibility every member of Congress must advocate to impeach the President. We know that he has lied and thousands have died. A lesson must be taught to any future Presidents that this can never happen again. We as a populace will not tolerate our leaders deliberately manipulating the public to support their unscrupulous agenda. Those Democrats that say we can not force the issue of impeachment due to possible political fallout, are setting a dangerous precedent.

We can no longer tolerate the misuse of the presidency and the basic principles of the United States Constitution must be upheld. I read today that Immigration Services is going to now ask future citizens on there entrance exams not what the three branches of government are but why are three. How many citizens do not know that there are three branches of the federal government and their purpose? The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches are all supposed to work in a balanced manner and prevent any one branch from over zealously grabbing too much power. So while we are reminded the meaning of the three branch system and that the duty of Congress is to put a check on the President.

We have a new Congress, no more rubber-stamp or looking the other way. In order to restore decency to the United States we need to remove the President from office. He has lied to the nation and continually distorts the truth to push for his radical corporate agenda that is bankrupting the country. So the proper duty and responsibility for any member in Congress is to uphold the Constitution and Impeach the President.


Robb Kidd

“May I now pass on to this Congress advice which I received recently from a fellow Vermonter - Either impeach him or get off his back” Howard Aiken


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