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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oaxaca to Montpelier to Us All

The air is crisp and cool today with the sun shining strong. Days like today bring about a new sense of being in me and help me reflect on all the days that have passed. While here in Vermont the days have been short and the sun has merely poked its rays out for us to glow in, there are always bright spots contrasting the darkened world.

This past, Tuesday November 20 I was walking along State Street in Montpelier and hanging across two buildings was a banner with the words "Viva the People's Assembly of Oaxaca! Self-determination, not State Repression" glistening in the wind. Out of curiosity, I grabbed a flier from a woman representing this movement. This movement has grown by the recent death of Indymedia journalist Brad Will and other activists on October 27 when paramilitary groups affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party used excess violence to squash their movement. This had virtually been a movement of action by the National Teachers Union to demand more funding for educational needs for one of the poorest states in Mexico. Beginning in June, Governor Ortiz cracked down on the protests and attacked the teachers union. Now, with vast support from the community, a coalition has formed called the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca that has risen from the oppressive government. The coalition's mission has been to peaceful paralyze the state government and call for removal of the Governor. That was until the government became violent and used aggressive force. So this past Tuesday was a global day of solidarity to show support for the rights of the people of Oaxaca. As a casual observer, I do not profess to know full detail of this movement or any expertise, so for more information go to www.indymedia.com.

While tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I write to express my gratitude for all those who have bravely stood up and spoken their mind. Here in Montpelier, passionate individuals enlightened me on an event that has occurred just outstretched from our borders. I choose this particular theme of struggle to remind us all that while we may profess our needs and desires there are many among this planet who are struggling for the basic rights of food, water and shelter.

As a resident of the United State's I pay homage and say thanks to all those who have spoken in the past. The early settlers who left their homelands to escape religious persecution, the young revolutionaries who bravely spoke out against the tyranny of King George, the abolitionists who demanded an end to slavery, the workers who strived for fair wages and safe working conditions, women who demand equal rights, blacks who tiredly petitioned to end segregation, pacifists who marched the streets to end the Vietnam war, environmentalists who continually sacrifice their own lives to protect our planet, inner city groups endlessly searching for paths against gang activities are all in my heart and mind.

Without the countless voices who have stood up in the past where would we be today. To me, they have instilled a never ending passion to strive for what is right. So while I saw the banner flapping in the wind the other day, it reminded me of the great hope and light that is around us in every way. Ideally, I would like to see each and every one of us to stand up and express ourselves. Hope is showing and I would like to grow. I encourage every one else to show their light and speak for what is right. There are many ways that can be done and I'm not just saying holding a sign in support for the people of Oaxaca but speaking your own voice on what should be done. Whether it is within your home, your work or your community just let your light shine. Hope is in the air…


Robb Kidd

"If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem." Political slogan of the civil rights movement and attributed to Eldridge Cleaver,.


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