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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thankful Change to a New Direction

While contemplating the many reasons to give thanks over the Thanksgiving Holiday the idea of giving thanks to the process of change has resonated within me. I have written extensively about the need to express one's own voice in order to bring about change, and that voice is showing in spirit throughout the nation.

Here in Vermont, I worked consistently throughout the summer and fall on the senatorial and congressional election campaigns on a hope that real change would come about in Washington. Yes, things are not happening as quick as I would like but the seeds are in the air for change. Congressman-Elect Welch just sent a letter to me stating his thanks in supporting his campaign and he states that "the departure of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is a sign that our message has been heard loud and clear-it is time for change." I whole heartedly agree that without the clear message sent from Vermont and the rest of the nation that the actions of the President and his emissaries are not what the people of this great nation want and that because we spoke out things have to change.

Highlighting the debates are now multiple visions of how to end the U.S.'s involvement in Iraq. Prior to the elections we heard repeatedly from the President that "we must stay the course" and that we could not "cut and run." The voice is clear, the people have spoken we want a change.

Mirroring the Iraq debate Sen. Leahy has been demanding documents regarding the CIA's illegal detention facilities throughout the world and the enormous accounts of torture orchestrated by the United States Government. While there are still those who ardently support the President's stated agenda, those forces are no longer able to block or delay Congressional oversight.

The principles of the American Constitution must be applied to all; otherwise the document has become useful. We are not in an Orwellian state where we can selectively choose who has rights and who does not. We are not in a Nixonian state where "it is not illegal if the president does it." The rules of the Constitution must apply to all, whether it is the President or the homeless man in Central Park.

So this Thanksgiving weekend I am thankful to see that there is an emergence of hope for the American democracy and through that hope there will be an emergence of reconciliation and peace towards the rest of the planet. Let us be thankful for the many voices that have spoken and are emerging from this darkened moment in US history.


Robb Kidd

"War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it." George Orwell


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