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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Paradox

As a youth I visualized happy Indians joyously serving the grateful and appreciative Pilgrims a blessing of food. Indoctrinated in the minds of the youth, we see that official history has been distorted so much that there is very little substance to popular history. The United States was taught to be the triumphant destiny of the will of the people, but the current education system fails to point out the heart of the matter and show what really occurred.

While there are many Americans who will incessantly follow poplar history, the truth of the matter is that America had been built by a system of slavery that systematically destroyed whole races of people. Up until recently this history has been silenced. The momentous publication of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States has influenced a new generation of scholars and a serious revision of history is being re-written. There are many who have taken not only that approach to the study of history but also to current events.

As the Thanksgiving Holiday has ended I have reflected upon my visions of hope and thanks for those who have spoken out before me. I still have a pessimistic disposition based on those past events and so do many others. While stepping of my soapbox and surfing I read a provocative blog highlighting the hypocrisy of the holiday, http://steve.1490wkvt.com/?p=37 . While I still gave thanks on this day, I still have my reservations on the dark history of the past.

That history has to be told, but unfortunately our schools continue to spoon-feed the children with the myths of the humble natives and joyful settlers. We know that in actuality there was as systematic approach to exterminate the native populations, but that was not taught. George Washington can even be seen as a contributor of the movement with the fact that he and his family's condemned Britain for not allowing them to continue their land grab of the Ohio Valley. As a result of the French and Indian War Britain disallowed further expansion of the territories as a preemptive approach on further altercations of the native populations. Further proof of the inhumanity of the early settlers, George and most of the founding fathers were slave owners and it was not until the Civil War did the US stop using the barbaric practice. Lincoln himself, The Great Emancipator did not free the slaves based on humanitarian needs but as an approach to "save the union."

In addition to the policies of the early days, during the 40's the United States refused to sign the Genocide Treaty because the language declared that US policy was genocidal towards African-Americans in the South. So, while official rhetoric declares the US the champion of human rights there has been a dark historical past that has virtually been silenced by popular culture. The same movement that killed the Native cultures of North America and has oppressed African-Americans is the same methodology to torture an imprison those deemed as Terrorists.

There are multiple sides to every story and unfortunately the dominant side of those in power tends to be indoctrinated within every one of us. I encourage us to look out side the box and review our history and the present. Without it we could inevitably repeat it. I hope with further education and the distribution of alternative thought that the tides of inhumanity have changed for the better.


Robb Kidd

"History is a myth that men agree to believe." Napoleon


At November 26, 2006 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An excellent book on the subject is called, "The Way We Never Were". Great post.

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