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Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Direction In Life

May 13, 2006 I woke up with a splitting hangover. No, it was not from a night of excessive drinking but from my nine years eight months and nine days of service to AAA North Jersey. No longer was I an employee and was off on pursuing my passion and enjoying life with my partner. Sarah, my angel already moved to Vermont and had just fulfilled her inner desires of returning to Vermont with a vocation related to her studies. I on the other hand was entering a new frontier.

We moved to Montpelier, a place where I knew no one and little about the history, but upon stepping foot into town I knew it was a place I was going to call home. Unlike, a lot of America’s damaged landscape there is no McDonalds and despite being the state’s capital it is home to only 8,500 people. Small enough to get to know people, but large enough to have a vibrant community.

I was born in a small town, but development changes that. Populations soared further west away from the busy streets of New York City to the suburbs that soon resembled large shopping malls. Small towns in New Jersey are no more but a vision of a distant past. Despite the promises of economic prosperity and jobs, daily living rose exponentially and those who had been raised there could no longer afford to stay. Politicians stated the need to attract business to town to create jobs and prosperity. So what was a town of meandering farms and wooded hills is no longer but an encroachment of the concrete jungle. That same town now is a faceless suburb.

Daily in attempt to survive I drove twenty miles to a job that I just had no passion for. Work became nothing more than just a pay check and the security of health benefits. Through my idealistic college days, I thought of a world that was fun and pleasurable, but succumbed to family pressure in obtaining a job that had benefits. I struck a job with the American Automobile Association, a good reputable company (not for profit membership organization), and first I was excited about the opportunities for advancement. The ability of travel was a strong draw and it lasted for a while. After a few years, my passion for it is was gone. Sending a family to Disney World was not my ideal. Even sending people to Hawaii became mundane, despite my deep connections to the Hawaiian Islands I felt like I was adding to the destruction of the tropical paradise. While I sent hordes of tourists to their dream vacations, native Hawaiians were gradually pushed away from their homes and forced into deeper economic disparity. It was time for me to go.

I left with no regrets, I miss some of my colleagues as they had become like family. I have been told by some that I was crazy for leaving a “good” job, but I just could not take it any longer. Repeatedly, I have been told that you can’t leave a job with benefits until you have another one, but I knew my time was up. Studies have been shown that employment can be attributed to being the number one cause of illnesses in ones life. Work related stress tends to wind its way down into our habits. Bad habits become more amplified with more stress and employment that is counterproductive to one self’s inner ambitions can lead to dire consequences. What’s the difference between work and prison? In prison you can’t wait to get out from behind bars, at work you can’t wait to get behind the bar. That was my life.

I left my job in pursuit of happiness. It was not something I just thought up on a whim, it had been brewing in my head for years. I saw so many things wrong with this world and I knew I had to act upon my visions. In every direction darkness was strong, America waged a preemptive war on Iraq which I knew was wrong, global warming has become a reality instead of theory, continual environmental degradation took place not just in China but in my own backyard, wages are dropping and the cost of living is growing exponentially. America and the world need a change and instead of adding to the problems I was going to speak my voice and work everyday of my life for that change.

Today, I look out my window and see the falling of snow, I am thankful for the change that has revolved around my life. As I continue to search for employment geared to my passions I am reminded of the precious gift I have been given. There are not too many people who are able to pack up everything and look for a new career. The cost of health care is just too high and loosing health care benefits can be very costly for some. Even though, I currently owe hundreds of dollars to a dentist and am in need of more dental care, I will not change my path. I have ignored medical care for minor health ailments which I hope do not hinder my life, but it is worth a shot at fulfilling my dreams. I am fortunate to have been given this opportunity for change but I question how many others just can not do that.

In today’s economy, health Care has become the single most expansive cost of living. Rising costs in health care are forcing business to cut wages and governments to raise taxes but lost in that debate is the happiness of the individual. I wonder how many people are forcibly employed in jobs that they have no interest in. Their desires and talents being wasted building widgets and punching numbers for the sake of obtaining health care. The creative passions of individuals are being lost daily performing mindless tasks. My partner visualizes the day when health care is given to all and then immediately hundreds of workers immediately quitting their jobs and pursuing their dreams.

There are many economic benefits to state sponsored health care but for me it is the basic right for citizens to access affordable health care. The inalienable right in pursuit of happiness requires the right to pursue your dreams without the worries of enormous costs in health care. The United States is well behind the rest of the industrialized world; democracy and freedom require equal access to health care.

So today while I enjoyed the early snow flakes falling to the ground, I look forward and see a world without the worries of health care. I usefully employed in advocating for the rights of our common man and planet and setting us all free to pursue our dreams. Montpelier is lovely in the snow and as I walked my dog into town I was reminded that Hope in is the air.

Robb Kidd

"One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important.”Bertrand Russell


At December 29, 2006 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robb, don't they allow domestic partners to get on their partner's insurance in VT?

A word of advice. Go find some land out in the wilderness and hold on to it. I moved to the "country" 19 years ago, and there are now 50 new houses within 1 mile of my house now. (was 49 up till last week). I wasnt to get some roosters to remind my new neighbors what living in the country is all about.


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