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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Spring Time in the Mountains

What’s wrong with this picture? It was a lovely spring day, what remains of the snow were melting from the glow of the sun. A great day for a hike up Spruce Mountain with my dog Ella, but the only problem it was December 14. I past some other hikers and we exchanged greetings but of course the word of the day was how warm it was. The trail,while there were still remnants of snow was covered with mostly mud, the higher up we got the more icy conditions became, but things were not right.

That tended to be the word of the day, things are not right. Talking to the painter for my landlord today, he told me that a coworker of his rode his motorcycle to work today, the latest he had ever. His previous latest was November 30. While the news media still tends to ignore the fundamental issue it is quite evident that global warming is happening, and quite fast and something has to be done about it. Some politicians and some fantacic radio talk show hosts claim that global warming is “a hoax” and part of the communist conspiracy it is a reality that must be looked at.

Now, I have heard comments from some that it is just a seasonal oddity and that it is just a phase. But when will we the people realize that it is more than a phase. I grew up in New Jersey and I remember getting snow in November every year, but that is now a distant memory. Here in Montpelier there used to be snow in October, but we all can see that is no longer. Then there are those who claim that global warming is a natural cycle and that it is actually being caused by volcanic ash in the atmosphere despite the fact that every major climatologists claims the warming of the planet is caused due to human involvement.

Even tonight Sarah and I had a conversation with a woman who practically blew off global warming. She claimed they were talking about fifteen years ago. Yes, they were but society and the powers that be dismissed it and instead things are getting dramatically worse. It has gotten to the point that NASA’s chief scientist, James Hansen on climate change has been blacklisted from engaging with the public. The mainstream press has ignored the scientific data and instead relied on information provided from scientists of the oil, coal and auto industries.

So while we have politicians and industries who just do not care, it is time that as a populace we ignore their agenda and create our own. There are those who do not see the seriousness of the issue and they need to be overridden. Peter Fryne highlights the audacity of Governor Douglass in his latest web blog:

"It's a little warm, isn't it?" Gov. Douglas replied. "I was talking to a ski-area operator this morning and he's not at all concerned because it's very slow until Christmas."

Then looking at what he called "a plus side," the Guv noted "our low-income heating assistance program is not in as great demand when the weather is so warm."

If the politicians can not take something like global warming serious how can we expect them to be serious with our money? The new Pro-Tem of the Vermont Senate, Peter Shumlin has declared that global warming is the state most pressing problem, even over the “burdening property tax.” As I see it, how come Republican politicians have very little substance to issues except for taxes, but when it comes to real issues they are mostly in denial. Global Warming is our top priority and our way of life is threatened by it. We as a society shall not only look for ways to prevent the causes ourselves but to use our fundemental right and petion the government to act.

The following is a letter I had printed in the Times Argus, I suggest others express themselves and do the same.

The two recent articles, "Snowmaking keeps Vt. ski resorts going when weather doesn't" and "Sen.-elect Shumlin to focus on climate," (both published Dec. 11) appear to work hand-in-hand together. Due to effects of warm weather patterns the ski industry has to expend more resources in order to maintain its snowy slopes. It is disturbing that the ski industry has to use so much energy to produce artificial snow to sustain its industry. I salute Okemo in its pursuit of funding alternative energy sources, but greater involvement is needed by governmental policies. A broader approach to using alternative energy sources to combat global warming is well in order. While the industry contributes to the causes they are at least looking for alternatives because as smart businesses they know that their business investment is doomed without proper investment.

As headlined by Peter Shumlin, global warming is the most important issue facing
Vermont. While issues about taxation will always be evident, a serious threat to the Vermont way of life is at hand, whether it be the ski industry, maple syrup industry, tourist industry for fall foliage or the ramifications from unpredictable climate shifts to the farming industry. Global warming is serious and not something to be taken lightly. The state has an ability to become a leader in finding solutions to global warming. By supporting alternative energy, the state will not only benefit economically by reducing our energy costs in our homes, business and communities but can create a wealth of new jobs while protecting our environment. I urge every Vermonter to urge the governor and their state reps and senators and national politicians to take action.

So while the temperature stays warm and I procrastinate in buying those new snowshoes I keep wondering if I’ll ever need to. Global Warming activist, Bill McKibben has stated “the time to act on Global Warming was twenty years ago,” so what are you waiting for Christmas.

Robb Kidd

"The science is in. The facts are there that we have created, man has, a self-inflicted wound that man has created through global warming.” Arnold Schwarzenegger


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