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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mission Not Accomplished- Impeach the Chief

The time has come, the elections are over and we are about to embark on a new direction in Congress. Through all the campaign rhetoric we have been told by Democratic candidates that there needs to be oversight on the President and his administration. Let us call on that oversight to begin.

We as a populace know that the President and his administration deliberately lied to the American Public about the Iraq War and while the country has overwhelming voted out the Republican Congress and voiced there opinion about the need for change we still have a President in denial. No longer does the President state that we “must stay the course,” instead “we will not withdraw until the mission is finished.” Does anyone else recall him in his flight suit on the aircraft carrier with the banner emblazing the words “Mission Accomplished” along the deck?

Instead his hailed Iraq Study group headed by prized family associate James Baker III is about to release a report on what to do in Iraq. What has Bush and his associates been doing all this time that we need a “bipartisan” group (of War hawks and Chicken Hawks) to advise the President. It is clear that either the President has no intentions of ever leaving Iraq or that he is plain incompetent.

Now, there are some who can claim that he is incompetent, I disagree with that notion. You do not become President of any country or exceed that far in life by incompetence. The truth of the matter is that we had witnessed the lies and distortions leading up to the war, so what makes one think Bush and his administration could not continue to lie. In Baghdad, the US has built a base and embassy that is the size of many cities, much more than what is needed for a place of diplomacy. A fortress for the occupying forces to permanently dictate their demands on a subservient nation, while the oil fields are bleed dry to feed America’s addiction to oil. There was no goal ever to leave Iraq or to bring them democracy.

So while the nation waits to see a plan in place to end this war, the chief architects continue to evade the truth and operate with no repercussions. As a matter of civic responsibility every member of Congress must advocate to impeach the President. We know that he has lied and thousands have died. A lesson must be taught to any future Presidents that this can never happen again. We as a populace will not tolerate our leaders deliberately manipulating the public to support their unscrupulous agenda. Those Democrats that say we can not force the issue of impeachment due to possible political fallout, are setting a dangerous precedent.

We can no longer tolerate the misuse of the presidency and the basic principles of the United States Constitution must be upheld. I read today that Immigration Services is going to now ask future citizens on there entrance exams not what the three branches of government are but why are three. How many citizens do not know that there are three branches of the federal government and their purpose? The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches are all supposed to work in a balanced manner and prevent any one branch from over zealously grabbing too much power. So while we are reminded the meaning of the three branch system and that the duty of Congress is to put a check on the President.

We have a new Congress, no more rubber-stamp or looking the other way. In order to restore decency to the United States we need to remove the President from office. He has lied to the nation and continually distorts the truth to push for his radical corporate agenda that is bankrupting the country. So the proper duty and responsibility for any member in Congress is to uphold the Constitution and Impeach the President.


Robb Kidd

“May I now pass on to this Congress advice which I received recently from a fellow Vermonter - Either impeach him or get off his back” Howard Aiken

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Paradox

As a youth I visualized happy Indians joyously serving the grateful and appreciative Pilgrims a blessing of food. Indoctrinated in the minds of the youth, we see that official history has been distorted so much that there is very little substance to popular history. The United States was taught to be the triumphant destiny of the will of the people, but the current education system fails to point out the heart of the matter and show what really occurred.

While there are many Americans who will incessantly follow poplar history, the truth of the matter is that America had been built by a system of slavery that systematically destroyed whole races of people. Up until recently this history has been silenced. The momentous publication of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States has influenced a new generation of scholars and a serious revision of history is being re-written. There are many who have taken not only that approach to the study of history but also to current events.

As the Thanksgiving Holiday has ended I have reflected upon my visions of hope and thanks for those who have spoken out before me. I still have a pessimistic disposition based on those past events and so do many others. While stepping of my soapbox and surfing I read a provocative blog highlighting the hypocrisy of the holiday, http://steve.1490wkvt.com/?p=37 . While I still gave thanks on this day, I still have my reservations on the dark history of the past.

That history has to be told, but unfortunately our schools continue to spoon-feed the children with the myths of the humble natives and joyful settlers. We know that in actuality there was as systematic approach to exterminate the native populations, but that was not taught. George Washington can even be seen as a contributor of the movement with the fact that he and his family's condemned Britain for not allowing them to continue their land grab of the Ohio Valley. As a result of the French and Indian War Britain disallowed further expansion of the territories as a preemptive approach on further altercations of the native populations. Further proof of the inhumanity of the early settlers, George and most of the founding fathers were slave owners and it was not until the Civil War did the US stop using the barbaric practice. Lincoln himself, The Great Emancipator did not free the slaves based on humanitarian needs but as an approach to "save the union."

In addition to the policies of the early days, during the 40's the United States refused to sign the Genocide Treaty because the language declared that US policy was genocidal towards African-Americans in the South. So, while official rhetoric declares the US the champion of human rights there has been a dark historical past that has virtually been silenced by popular culture. The same movement that killed the Native cultures of North America and has oppressed African-Americans is the same methodology to torture an imprison those deemed as Terrorists.

There are multiple sides to every story and unfortunately the dominant side of those in power tends to be indoctrinated within every one of us. I encourage us to look out side the box and review our history and the present. Without it we could inevitably repeat it. I hope with further education and the distribution of alternative thought that the tides of inhumanity have changed for the better.


Robb Kidd

"History is a myth that men agree to believe." Napoleon

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thankful Change to a New Direction

While contemplating the many reasons to give thanks over the Thanksgiving Holiday the idea of giving thanks to the process of change has resonated within me. I have written extensively about the need to express one's own voice in order to bring about change, and that voice is showing in spirit throughout the nation.

Here in Vermont, I worked consistently throughout the summer and fall on the senatorial and congressional election campaigns on a hope that real change would come about in Washington. Yes, things are not happening as quick as I would like but the seeds are in the air for change. Congressman-Elect Welch just sent a letter to me stating his thanks in supporting his campaign and he states that "the departure of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is a sign that our message has been heard loud and clear-it is time for change." I whole heartedly agree that without the clear message sent from Vermont and the rest of the nation that the actions of the President and his emissaries are not what the people of this great nation want and that because we spoke out things have to change.

Highlighting the debates are now multiple visions of how to end the U.S.'s involvement in Iraq. Prior to the elections we heard repeatedly from the President that "we must stay the course" and that we could not "cut and run." The voice is clear, the people have spoken we want a change.

Mirroring the Iraq debate Sen. Leahy has been demanding documents regarding the CIA's illegal detention facilities throughout the world and the enormous accounts of torture orchestrated by the United States Government. While there are still those who ardently support the President's stated agenda, those forces are no longer able to block or delay Congressional oversight.

The principles of the American Constitution must be applied to all; otherwise the document has become useful. We are not in an Orwellian state where we can selectively choose who has rights and who does not. We are not in a Nixonian state where "it is not illegal if the president does it." The rules of the Constitution must apply to all, whether it is the President or the homeless man in Central Park.

So this Thanksgiving weekend I am thankful to see that there is an emergence of hope for the American democracy and through that hope there will be an emergence of reconciliation and peace towards the rest of the planet. Let us be thankful for the many voices that have spoken and are emerging from this darkened moment in US history.


Robb Kidd

"War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it." George Orwell

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oaxaca to Montpelier to Us All

The air is crisp and cool today with the sun shining strong. Days like today bring about a new sense of being in me and help me reflect on all the days that have passed. While here in Vermont the days have been short and the sun has merely poked its rays out for us to glow in, there are always bright spots contrasting the darkened world.

This past, Tuesday November 20 I was walking along State Street in Montpelier and hanging across two buildings was a banner with the words "Viva the People's Assembly of Oaxaca! Self-determination, not State Repression" glistening in the wind. Out of curiosity, I grabbed a flier from a woman representing this movement. This movement has grown by the recent death of Indymedia journalist Brad Will and other activists on October 27 when paramilitary groups affiliated with the Institutional Revolutionary Party used excess violence to squash their movement. This had virtually been a movement of action by the National Teachers Union to demand more funding for educational needs for one of the poorest states in Mexico. Beginning in June, Governor Ortiz cracked down on the protests and attacked the teachers union. Now, with vast support from the community, a coalition has formed called the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca that has risen from the oppressive government. The coalition's mission has been to peaceful paralyze the state government and call for removal of the Governor. That was until the government became violent and used aggressive force. So this past Tuesday was a global day of solidarity to show support for the rights of the people of Oaxaca. As a casual observer, I do not profess to know full detail of this movement or any expertise, so for more information go to www.indymedia.com.

While tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I write to express my gratitude for all those who have bravely stood up and spoken their mind. Here in Montpelier, passionate individuals enlightened me on an event that has occurred just outstretched from our borders. I choose this particular theme of struggle to remind us all that while we may profess our needs and desires there are many among this planet who are struggling for the basic rights of food, water and shelter.

As a resident of the United State's I pay homage and say thanks to all those who have spoken in the past. The early settlers who left their homelands to escape religious persecution, the young revolutionaries who bravely spoke out against the tyranny of King George, the abolitionists who demanded an end to slavery, the workers who strived for fair wages and safe working conditions, women who demand equal rights, blacks who tiredly petitioned to end segregation, pacifists who marched the streets to end the Vietnam war, environmentalists who continually sacrifice their own lives to protect our planet, inner city groups endlessly searching for paths against gang activities are all in my heart and mind.

Without the countless voices who have stood up in the past where would we be today. To me, they have instilled a never ending passion to strive for what is right. So while I saw the banner flapping in the wind the other day, it reminded me of the great hope and light that is around us in every way. Ideally, I would like to see each and every one of us to stand up and express ourselves. Hope is showing and I would like to grow. I encourage every one else to show their light and speak for what is right. There are many ways that can be done and I'm not just saying holding a sign in support for the people of Oaxaca but speaking your own voice on what should be done. Whether it is within your home, your work or your community just let your light shine. Hope is in the air…


Robb Kidd

"If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem." Political slogan of the civil rights movement and attributed to Eldridge Cleaver,.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam

So the President went to Vietnam and all he bought us was a lousy-tee shirt. Over 40 years ago President Lyndon B Johnson lied to the United States Congress about a supposed incident in the Gulf Of Tonkin. Johnson a wealthy Texan and his war hawk associates pushed Congress to approve the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which authorized further expansion of the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam Conflict. President Johnson lied to the public about a supposed attack on a destroyer in the Gulf and soon thereafter we were at full scale war.

Most Americans agree today that the US involvement in Vietnam was wrong and coinciding with the President's visit of Vietnam now most Americans agree that the war in Iraq is wrong. Now the same debate is echoing in Washington about what to do about Iraq as what it was to do about Vietnam. Oh, how the parallels of history are so strong.

The ardent war hawks of the Vietnam era claimed the "Domino Theory" as reason alone for continued occupation. If the US left Vietnam, all the surrounding countries would just fall like dominos and become communist. Additional there were those who claimed that the US just needed more troops in order to restore order and stop communism. After years of refusal and denial Richard Nixon inevitably removed all troops from Vietnam. While over 50,000 Americans and millions of Vietnamese had died in the war and many more still suffer from the after affects, one should question the principles of war. That was a war for Vietnamese independence from European colonization. President Clinton returned diplomatic normalcy to Vietnam and began cooperation in trade proposals, now Vietnam is supplying merchandise to America's consumer economy.

So thirty years later we can now see Vietnam is still "communistic" but the rest of the world has not spread towards communism, but actually the opposite communism has been collapsing. The debate rages on the Iraq War. Those who supported its initial onslaught are claiming the need to expand troop size or that the US needs to fight them over there before they fight us here. The ideas have not changed that much in forty years just the terms and places. Instead of Vietnam we have Iraq; instead of Communists we have Jihads, Terrorists and Islmo-Fascists. While the terms and places have changed the names and the people have not changed much.

Although, the exact names and positions may change we still have many of the same groups of people propagating the issues of war under the guises of patriotism. So in Washington today, after the President has been shown that the public does not want war anymore his trusted "non-partisan" group headed by influential associate James Baker III is supposedly going to guide him away from the war. The chief architect Donald Rumsfeld has resigned and led the way for Robert Gates to lead the Defense Department. Gates a man who has led the CIA and has been linked to the criminal and treasonable offenses of the Iran-Contra Scandal. The war is not the fault of just one man but of the whole system, the Military-Industrial complex. Those who have profited from war are the ones who are responsible.

The irony and parallels live on, 40 years ago the United States was lied into a war and was lied about the reasons why the could not get out of it, today we have been lied into a war and are being lied about getting out. So while the chief architect of today propagates his mission around the world we the populace still must look for ways to bring about dignity, hope and peace to the world. While the latest United States election cycle has brought about some hope there is need for further advancement. We the people are speaking and that voice says, "Impeach the President" and all those who are responsible.


Robb Kidd

"Let's impeach the President for lyin', and misleading our country into war, Abusing all the power that we gave him, and shipping all our money out the door, Who's the man who hired all the criminals? The White House shadows who hide behind closed doors They bend the facts to fit with their new story, Of why we had to send our men to war" Neil Young

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hijacking the Democractic Party

All is not peachy with the Democratic Party today. Political hack James Carville seems imposed to replace Howard Dean as chair of the Democratic National Committee. The Democratic Party had been in shambles after the last few years of Clinton's Presidential mishaps and years of right-wing fanaticism but the tide created by corruption, misled wars and destruction of our Constitution have brought back the Democratic Party in position to instill positive change within American democracy. Howard Dean's "fifty state strategy" has further instilled new strength and vision to country, but it seems that the centrists of the party are not happy with the direction.

As we may recall James Carville, political strategist for Clinton has been credited for orchestrating the campaigns of President Bill Clinton. We all have to question Mr. Carville's motives on trying to unseat Howard Dean. A closer look at the policies and past elections will reveal that Clinton's brand of the Democratic Party was not much different than Republican policy. Clinton came to surmise due to the path of the Democratic Leadership Committee. Their approach was to obtain large sums of money from Corporate America and dictate policy from the top down.

The initially success gave Clinton the presidency, but under the table the progressive roots of the party had been disenfranchised. The Democratic Leadership echoed the agenda of the Republican Party with only a few vague differences in social policy. While it is certain that Bill Clinton is sure not George W. Bush, Bill Clinton's presidency was mirrored in scandal and corruption. Clinton's presidency still favored corporate America while superficially appeasing the public with a vision of hope. In regards to Iraq, policy dictated continual bombing raids causing greater humanitarian hardships to the Iraq people. One can argue still that even his military approach to the Serbian-Bosnia conflict was too militaristic.

I for one hand after voting for President Clinton the first time vowed never again to vote for the Democratic Party after seeing the hypocrisy of policy. As a New Jersey resident for years, I choose to vote for the many fringe candidates, the Green Party and Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition. I suppose that here in Vermont I would have supported the Progressive Party or the Liberty Union Party. Senator-Elect Sanders too spoke out against the Democratic Party as being the same as the Republican Party, but times have changed and the Party has changed.

The birth of a new Democratic Party has emerged from the lies and deceit of the politics of today. Coinciding with this change has been the advent of the Internet revolution. The Internet has given a rise for multiple voices to be heard. Voices like mine which had been silenced by the mainstream media because we just do not follow the corporate model of profiteering have found a new medium to express our ideas. Howard Dean with his Presidential Campaign of 2004 saw how the Internet is an effective tool to mobilize and broadcast messages of hope. Dean realizes that true democracy relies on the participation of the public and that building a base of active citizens will counteract the corruption of politics by money. Grassroots democracy directly engages the citizenry into action.

While previous party leaders such as Carville may not support this path, they will inevitable have to. Democracy is by the people and can not be dictated by those from above. Mr. Carville can stay at home with his wife Mary Matalin (President George H. Bush political strategist, colleague of Karl Rove and top republican strategists) and think of ways to influence their kids, because as supporters of Democracy we will not be told how to think. The Democratic Party had been a representative of Labor, Women, Civil Rights, the Environment, Education and Peace. The Democratic Party had been the people's party and that is what it is becoming again, so move over Mr. Carville and the Democratic Leadership Committee, "power to the people."

Robb Kidd

"Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve." George Bernard Shaw

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rock Bottom Vote

Today, the clouds broke and we have a bright sun shiny day. Within the air there are visions of hope. A week ago voters throughout the country overwhelming chose Democratic candidates to change the direction of the country. Thankfully needed but there still is some dark elements residing in the background. The criticalness of the country is showing in the weakness in actual voter turnout. The United States the triumphant of democracy has a deep divide in its civic duty.

Official numbers show that 39.7 percent of Americans voted in this latest election. I am proud that the number here in Vermont is much higher at 53.5 percent but it is still quite disturbing. In Vermont, the election was sparked by an open Senate race, open House race and challenging Governor's and Lt. Governor's races. So when it comes down to importance 46.5 percent of eligible Vermont voters did not even bother to vote. I hear the criticisms of people saying that it makes no difference that they vote but imagine if those 46.5percent voted for one of the third parties just maybe the voice of the disenfranchised would carry greater weight on elections.

A recent study showed that the United States was ranked 130th on voter participation among countries that voting is allowed. Yes, in some of them voting is a compulsory program and some of them are mirrored with voter corruption and weakness of candidate choices but what strikes me is that the United States as a nation is supposed to be the model of democracy but actually is a failure. The President hails his mission of bringing elections to Iraq, but in the meantime here at home voter participation is crumbling.

Voter statistics have shown that there is greater voter participation from those who have obtained higher education and own property. I guess the great American democracy has not evolved much since the days of its birth. Initially, only wealthy white male land owners were given that right but now it has become a selective right by the educated land owners, whether their African-American, white or female. I feel that the American public needs an awakening and that we as a populace shall make sure that each and everyone of our friends and family vote. Our freedoms demand it; otherwise the American version of democracy could just collapse. Some may say that it already has, so in that case the public will restore it.

While there are glimmers of hope within American democracy, there still is need for improvement. That democracy requires all of us to be involved. Democracy is participatory; when we fail to participate we lose it. Throughout the world there are people dying for the right to vote, let us not lose it but use it and let it prosper.

Robb Kidd

"The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment." Robert Maynard Hutchins

Monday, November 13, 2006

Live Free or Die

Taxes, taxes and taxes. I have heard hundreds of times the words muttered by the populace that New Hampshire does not have an income tax or a general sales taxes, so it is amusing every time I drive along I-93 in New Hampshire and see this enormous building broadcasting to the legions of drivers. "Live free or die," is the state's motto, I guess that means you don't pay taxes, but you can drive onto the interstate and at the rest area stock up on your liquor provisions. Maybe, they should put up a drive through to make it easier for freedom to prevail.

The message of taxes still resonates strongly throughout the air but shockingly even Red New Hampshire has turned blue despite strong messages by right wing politicians labeling Democrats as proponents of big taxes. Here in Vermont, we have politicians such as Governor Douglass claiming his Affordability agenda as a guise to combat the escalating tax burden. I often wonder why those with little substance always proclaim the mission of taxes as their number one issue. Yes, taxes exist and have become a problem nationwide, but instead of claiming a cut or caps in taxes we as a populace must look for the roots of the escalating costs.

The majority of our tax dollars go to the federal Government and that is where the roots of the problems lay. Over the last twenty years, a rash of right wing politicians have been champions of "cutting" taxes for the rich, while at the same time slashing programs to help the general populace. One look at the federal budget one will notice that we have an over inflated military budget. Spending in excess of four-hundred forty billion dollars per year for military expenditures is unconscionable while comparing it to the next largest expenditures of China at forty billion dollars. Not included in this total is the approximate two trillion dollars the war in Iraq will cost. President Eisenhower warned the nation of the rise of Military-Industrial Complex in his farewell address and look what has become. The past fifty years our laisser-faire press has merely overlooked the military's infringement on the tax burden.

While we have right wing ideologies such as the Americans for Taxpayer Reforms claiming to propagate the needs of the average citizens, they fail to note that they are funded by major corporations. The executive director, Grover Norquist has stated that their "goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years, to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub." While being hailed by prominent Republicans these same policy hacks have clearly supported the agendas of the military-industrial complex.

In a time when the federal government has grown to exponential numbers to support its war effort, the states have been left bankrolling non funded mandates like No-Child-Left-Behind and special education programs. The horrific Medicare Plan D has left many seniors struggling to pay for prescription drugs. Our health care institutions are crumbling in front of our eyes. Issues of public transportation have been put on the wayside. Energy costs are spiraling out of control. All these expenses are pushed of onto the states which are then forced to find solutions.

While these issues are left ignored our infrastructure is slowly collapsing. Continued tax-breaks to corporate America are increasingly padding the bank accounts of the rich, while the general populace is left scrounging for their piece of the American Dream. I sure hope that the new Democratic Congress truly tries to represent us, instead of caving to the interests of the corporations.

As a reminder to the Democratic Party, we are a new wave to hit and the Democratic Leadership Committee does not represent these needs. We are the people and we are not going to stand it anymore. As the motto of New Hampshire, states "Live Free or Die," I purpose that we all live free from unconscionable acts of government tyranny.


Robb Kidd

"It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber." Political poster and bumper sticker

"Our Constitution is in actual operation; everything appears to promise that it will last; but nothing in this world is certain but death and taxes." Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Keep on Rocking in the Free World

A packed ballroom at the Wyndham Hotel in Burlington Tuesday night forecasted the momentous change about to reverberate around the country. Gathered there were the celebrations for Bernie Sanders' election to the Senate and Peter Welch's election to the House. Now, I have been to plenty of concerts and sporting events in my life but the room was rocking.

So I spent the last few months working on both of those campaigns on a hope that there was going to be serious change in the direction in Washington. The country had been overtaken by a band of right wing criminals and finally the nation is starting to see through their smokescreen. A change has begun not just in Vermont, but throughout the country but it does not just end with this election. Everybody must do their part to maintain and help grow this momentum into a sustainable force. Although, we have gained major ground in pushing back the criminal elements for corruption the goodness of the American people must continue to shine.

The power of people is already orchestrating change and the proof of that resonating can be seen with the not only the elections but the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The war in Iraq has been a debacle and built on lies. Many of us have been calling for the firing of Rumsfeld, and as result of our voices Rumsfeld has resigned. Now in reality, I would also like to see Cheney, Rice and Bush to leave as well. Thankfully, we now have a House and a Senate with a Democratic majority and that will put a check on the cabal in the White House.

Power to the people, it is our right to demand the change in Washington. Through my campaign experiences I have heard the frustrations and fears in many voices. There are many out there who still feel that the have no power in change or that politics do not effect them. Our mission is to inform everybody we meet to express their voice and demand to be heard. You can not me neutral on a moving train. I hear the criticism of my beliefs that it is just partisan politics that is fueling this debate, but I disagree. When vast amounts of people see that things are wrong and express that belief that is not partisanship but what is right. This election is more that just a vote for change but the birth of a new political movement.

We the people have the right to life, liberty and happiness. When our government strays from representing us we have that right to petition the government. We must all choose to use our voice and express it as loud as we can. Change comes from within, and that change comes from each of us individually. I can feel it in the air as I set about on my adventure tonight to Portland, Maine to hear Bob Dylan tonight, "the times are a changing."

Robb Kidd

"I believe that destiny has suggested that this small state of Vermont is in fact going to lead America in a very different direction and that day is going to come when all over America people are going to say, 'Thank You, Vermont'" Senator-elect Bernie Sanders.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Democracy in Action, Vote Tuesday!!!

This coming Tuesday is a day I hope is the day to begin a great change within our country but it can only happen from you. In a land that declares itself to be a democracy the right to vote is your civic duty. Since the days of our youth we have been told that we should be happy to live in this country since in other countries the right to vote and free speech is forbidden. Well, yes I am glad I was born into this country but at the rate things are going with the Republican led Congress and the Bush-Cheney administration our civil rights are willingly being given away.

In the last six years we have seen the country brought to a war on lies, spying on American citizens, destruction of the Constitution, increased health care costs, lower wages and an escalating national debt. Where is the outrage? When one president had sex and lied about it, the country was ecstatic but now it is being bankrupted by a corporate take over of our principles but the population remains quite. Get up and stand up for your right, vote this coming Tuesday and please vote for a Democrat, every vote for a Republican means a vote for corruption, deception and misrepresentation. The real change can not happen without you and your vote…


Robb Kidd

"The oppressed should rebel, and they will continue to rebel and raise disturbance until their civil rights are fully restored to them and all partial distinctions, exclusions and incapacitations are removed." --Thomas Jefferson