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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Climate Change Hope

Today, in Washington and Montpelier a group representing The Sierra Club and the American Solar Energy Society released a report that reduction of carbon emissions can be obtained by the year 2030. Using existing technologies that goal is obtainable, but only if action is taken. Representing the Sierra Club in Vermont, Steve Crowley spoke at the Vermont State House to a sparse crowd.

“It is common knowledge from leading scientists of climatology; we need sixty to eight percent reduction of carbon emissions,” stated Steve Crowley. That goal can be obtained with the tools already in existence. According to the report energy efficiency is more than half the solution and with a range of solutions we can solve the crisis.

James Moore of Vermont Public Interest Research Group said that it “paints a hopeful picture,” but “the question is, is their going to be more than talk?” Here in Vermont legislators have been consumed with meetings and commissions on the ramifications of global warming, while interest has spread we hope that an aggressive stance will be taken. James Moore elaborated and stated that the nation is vast in renewable energy sources and that each part of the nation is responsible for their commitment.

The southwest with strong solar resources, to Vermont with the possibilities of wind, solar and biomass can provide some of the solutions. Wind power in Vermont is an essential part of the solution in Vermont and if they do not progress with wind power “they can not claim they are addressing the issue,” stated James Moore. Solutions can be done without coal or nuclear power and still maintain healthy environmental.

While debate rages on the solutions of global warming, there are groups who have done the research. Talk is not needed the time now is for all elected officials to act. As activist writer Bill McKibben has stated, “the best time to act on global warming was twenty years ago.” There are vast reports stating the possibilities of environmental calamities if action is not taken, so I beg to ask the question is it worth the chance and not act? Please contact your elected officials and tell them you want action, the power of your voice travels well in the halls of laws.

Robb Kidd

“You cannot be neutral on a moving train". Howard Zinn, US Historian


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