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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Speed Trap

"Slow down your moving to fast," a lyric of a Paul Simon song resonates in my ear from time to time. Speeding probably is the offense most of us do on a regular basis, so it was about time I was pulled over for that violation. This past weekend on my way to visit friends from New York, who was visiting the winter wonderland of Stowe, I was pulled over for driving too fast. Not familiar with Route 108 and busy paying attention to the signs so I could find the swank inn they were staying at, I inadvertently exceeded the speed limit. I admit I lost my awareness and rightfully so was pulled over.

Traveling into a “Gold Town” my perceptions were off and speed was the least of my concern. The officer politely approached my vehicle and asked for my paperwork and told me to wait. Fully expecting a ticket I was ecstatic with joy when he returned and ask me to verify my address and then handed me an official warning. For years growing up with a father who was a police officer I have had a slight bit of fear fo police. So receiving a warning was a pleasant surprise.

This was my second involvement with police in Vermont and coming from where I am from, I have been pleasantly surprised. The other time was a seat belt inspection check point and at that time I wound up engaged in a full length personal conversation with the officer. I am not sure if it is because I reached a point of maturity or that in general the police in Vermont are just friendlier than I was accustomed too. Stressed by dense populations police in the outreaches of the concrete jungles have no patience. Of course, I do speed but I never tend to drive excessively fast so I have now gotten an official warning.

Not so lucky for the many others driving along those roads. On my return I noticed multiple cars pulled over and wondered how many others were getting warnings or tickets. Was I given a warning as I am a resident of Vermont or was it just the understanding of the officer? The following day my friends were leaving Stowe to visit me here in Montpelier and failing to learn from my experience they were caught speeding. In their case a ticket was issued, but of course they are from New York.

I have been warned and I realize I must be aware of my surroundings more frequently. As an uncle of mine had told me when I was driving in Oregon, it takes almost the same amount of time driving the speed limit as it does while speeding. So, what is the rush? Too many times we venture of in tasks with speed, and forget to enjoy the moment. I am I no rush in life, so with my driving I must slow it down. Besides slower driving burns less fuel and in the age of global warming consciousness that is all that matters.

Robb Kidd

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” Mahatma Gandhi


At January 30, 2007 9:23 AM, Blogger The Guy Who Writes This said...

Here you get one automatically if you are 16 or more MPH over the limit. They do offer diversion to get it expounged from the record, but the fine still needs to be paid regardless.


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