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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Three Thousand and Counting...

New Years day night, a crowd of twenty stood out by candle light. The light hopefully will shine bright since the world is covered in a shroud of darkness. Out in front of city hall, Montpelier, through the sparkle of the burning flames of the candles a glimmer of hope emerged. Just the day before, the 3000 US solider had died in the war in Iraq and on the political side there seems to be no hope in sight. Last night across the nation, thousands of people laid vigil to the commemoration of the soldiers innocently slain. Organized in Vermont, by the American Friends Service Committee the mission was to bring attention to this blight in American History.

Individuals since the war’s conception have been demonstrating continuosly in hope to bring awareness to the people, locally in Montpelier every Friday at noon a crowd gathers in front of the post office. Contrary to the display from the “mainstream” media, the pro-peace movement has been strong since the beginning but little debate has surfaced until the last year. While the news media has began reporting the negatives of the war there still is a lack of honesty in reporting. The Times Argus reported “About a dozen people holding candles in the dark took part in a vigil,” but on my count there were twenty. In years past I have seen inconsistency in number counts on demonstrations and it always appears that the “mainstream” press purposely understates numbers as a way to de-legitimize the movement. Americans have been speaking and that call is to end the war.

Despite the calls for an end of hostilities we have a President lost in his own rhetoric and fool hearted politicians like McCain and Lieberman broadcasting their desire to increase troop size as more deaths occur. What is striking about the latest death in the tragic war is that it has now surpassed the number of deaths in the Word Trade Center travesty. Combining those three thousand soldiers and the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis killed so far, George Bush is now the world’s deadliest terrorist. The evidence Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and Rice had used has all been refuted as being false, but still neither one has been held responsible for their deceitful actions. So as another soldier dies I hope that the new Congress sees clear that the war is wrong and the country’s path need to be altered.

The war had been orchestrated on lies, so how can we as a populace trust the architects and sympathizers to end it and restore justice and credibility to the nation. The fact of the matter is that Bush had lied and thousands have died. Impeachment and ostracizing all those involved is the correct matter to restoration of justice. While there are those who think that the President should be hung just like Saddam Hussein, I would just like to see he and his cohorts removed and castrated from influencing our American democracy. Their vision of world dominance and corporate hegemony is a flawed interpretation of the values outlined by the founding fathers.

We the people of the United States of America have a right for our Congressional Reps in the House of Representatives to speak out and call for articles of impeachment. The President and his cohorts have willing circumvented the Constitution to implant their fanatical agenda and it is Congress’s duty to check the power of the President. Any congress member who fails to is in dereliction of duty to the people and the Constitution. The civic duty of each and every Congressman/woman is to call for answers from this President and failure to do so will set a dangerous precedence for future administrations.

So as twenty of us stood out in the damp chilly night basking in the glow of the candles in our hand, each one of us looked for the day when this war and all other wars are no longer. I do not know the name of the 3,000 soldier but my heart goes to his/her family members. It is a shame that young men and woman have to be sent of to foreign lands for causes that are just not true and then lose their life. I hope that not another soul dies in this futile war; war is not the answer…

Robb Kidd

“The best policy is to declare victory and leave.” Senator George Aiken.


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