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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Walking in a .... Wonderland ?

It would be lovely weather, for a sleigh ride together with you if you live in Alaska. As the holiday season has come and gone visions of winter wonderlands sparkled past our eyes. Songs, like “Let it Snow and “White Christmas” flooded the air waves marking the winter season. As the songs have gone away it seems as if those visions have vanished into the dreams of Christmas past.

This weekend as the temperatures escalated to almost sixty degrees in Vermont, one would have to doubt if winter will ever show its frosty lined face again. Streets filled with youths clad in short sleeves, even an occasional jogger or biker donned in shorts instead of the tightly wrapped attire for a winters chill. Words on everybody’s mind “could this really be the effects of global warming or just a fluke pattern in the winter season.” Newspapers are filled with stories on the dire effects due to the unseasonable weather. At first glance one would wonder about Vermont’s vibrant ski industry. Whole towns and villages rely on the winter season, whether it be the ski slope itself or the posh bed and breakfasts that line along the rural routes of Vermont.

Service and sales of snowmobiles are screeching to a halt. Ski shops are holding deep-down sales trying to entice patrons to come in purchase their goods. Ice fishermen of old are waiting for the lakes and ponds to freeze. To no avail, winter is not coming. As I moved to Vermont this past year, I was given forecasts of long drawn out winters, and I replied with the response, “what winter, at the rate of global warming happening, I am just one step ahead of the game, in matter of a few years Vermont will be a tropical paradise.” So maybe the skills I learned from my old roommate (Antonio from Puerto Rico) on how to make a Pina-Colada will come in handy. Island Oasis without ever having to leave home, fresh fruits and pineapple farms will soon replace the maple syrup industry.

While plenty of politicians have echoed industries claims of denial, the reality of global warming is starting to set in. The issues are strong and it appears that man has drastically altered the face of the planet and that actions need to be taken. Ice sheets are collapsing, migrating birds staying put, and freak weather patterns are the norm for the modern world. There are scientific predications claiming that this is just the beginning and things could get worse if man just does not change its ways. As a society we can hang around and let “nature” takes its course or we can act and change our ways. Is it worth the chance and wait for the predictions of New York City flooded with water or violent storms wreaking havoc on the shorelines?

In the Northeast winter is still about to arrive but it is getting shorter every year. To the demise of the flocks of pleasure seekers anxiously waiting to get the rush of gliding down the mountains of snow and villages and business that are struggling to stay afloat, winter is slipping away. The results of global warming may be showing its face here today, and I hope that it awakens people and the government to act. As January progress towards February I am still waiting to be “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.”

Robb Kidd

“For those who worry about environmental threats, there are solutions to work through the worst of those problems; for those who wonder if there isn’t something more to life than buying, I encourage you to consider your life as an individual and as a member of a larger community.” Bill McKibben, author of End of Nature and upcoming book Deep Economy.

The following are pictures from a post at the Green Mountain Daily.


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