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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Down in Smoke...

In this blog I have written many times about the promise of change and that things must happen from each one of us individually for a successful shift in the direction of the country. While, in the last few years of my life I have tackled many personal issues to reach where I am today, however there is always room for more change. So while I exercise moderately, eat primarily an organic vegetarian diet, boycott Exxon-Mobil and keep myself politically astute I have been caught in a smoking trap for years. Smoking probably the worst of the nasty habits is something I just could not break before and so after my second consultation with a hypno-therapist this last Thursday I was able to break the chain.

Not much time has yet passed since I took the plunge as a non-smoker, but I know within my heart this time it is going to last. In my consultation with the therapist, I expressed a desire for her to reinforce the horrible imagery of the tobacco corporations. Large corporations such as Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds have been poisoning Americans for over a century. Even the supposedly natural cigarettes, American Spirit (owned by RJ Reynolds) have been swallowed by the dominance of the industry and continually keep many folks like myself addicted to their cancer sticks.

So far I have made it over three full days and the anxiety and nervousness is starting to escape my body. Symptoms of withdrawal were prevalent in me for the last few days, and I literally felt sick to my core. What gives the right of this product to be sold openly throughout the country with little or no regulation? Convenience stores and grocery stores sell them with little regards except for the age mandated by law. Contrary to the image of a pharmacy, a store that sells healing products are some how able to sell tobacco products that are killing people. As for the government, tobacco has become an easy form of taxation (sin tax), while they haphazardly promote quit smoking campaigns that are mostly ineffective.

I have been crippled for years by my smoking habit and I see little or no substance from any politicians on the continued legalities of the product. Proponents of “free trade” and big business state that restrictions on tobacco unfairly punishes the corporation’s right to free trade while at the same time the right of individuals to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes is strictly prohibited under the guise of public safety. A product that has been scientifically proven to aid and assist medical procedures is outlawed while a product that is attributed to cancer and severe health detriments is allowed to flourish.

Billions of dollars are spent each year enforcing a “drug war” while one of the most deleterious of substances goes unchecked. In third world countries, American tobacco companies have been expanding their operations. While the share of the American market has decreased over the years, American tobacco companies have targeted other nations. As a result their profits are rising exponentially. As our government wages war in Central and South America under the guise of stopping drugs, major corporate entities are pumping their drugs on the rest of the world. To me that is a crime and the corporations who are purposely exploiting people by selling products that kill are criminally negligent.

I have spent years trapped under the spell of a cigarette and while I smoked my last one just a few days ago, I know the remnants will remain with me for years to come. The massive industries involved with the marketing and production of cigarettes are responsible for many deaths worldwide. Yes it was our own freewill that started the deadly habit; however it is just as much the responsibility of those who allowed its influence upon us. I was taught the lessons, but as many children of my day, I looked the other way. There is always room for more change today and while there are forces of greed and the corporations are so strong, I can just look to myself and continue to change from within.

Robb Kidd

“The believing we do something when we do nothing is the first illusion of tobacco.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


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