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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Iraq and Douglas in a Hard Place

Daily, I am almost in a state of shock of what is reported in the mainstream press. Today’s latest installment of the Burlington Free Press is just another example of the misdirection of today’s media. It is not that the media is either slanted towards the right or the left; it is their choice of articles and how they are reported that is the problem. A headline for today, “Lincoln might not have slept there, but Gov. Douglas did” shows irresponsibility and irrelevancy in their reporting methods.

Governor Douglas was in Washington for the National Governors Association and being an ardent supporter of President Bush, he and his wife were given the honor or staying in the famed Lincoln Bedroom at the White House. It is wonderful that a governor from a small state such as Vermont is able to wield so much influence and accompany the President in the White House; however the problem with this situation is that the story highlights a high amount of irrelevant material.

(As they shared salmon, Douglas said the president praised the University of Vermont's basketball team for its winning record in recent years. "He's a big sports fan," Douglas said. "He asked about our players by name.")

While Vermonters are struggling to pay their costs of health care and education, the farming industry is in a state of crisis and Vermonters are paying a higher percentage of the causalities in the misguided War in Iraq, it seems as if the President, the Governor and the news media would rather want to talk about basketball than real issues. Not to disparage the winning record of UVM’s basketball program, but don’t you think there are more important things to discuss to the President than what’s going on in Vermont than basketball.

I sure hope that the Governor addressed the President and told him that we here in Vermont do not support his war. As I recall, a month ago Governor Douglas said he just might mention it to the President but as far as we can tell all theytalked about was basketball. As for the governor was quoted as saying,

“I don't want to go into too much detail about a private conversation, but we touched on the war as well as those other issues.”

Well anyway, this weekend I hope the real message of how Vermonters feel about the war and the leadership will show brightly throughout the country. In part to gain momentum for the agendas of Town Meeting Day and the various impeachment resolutions Cindy Sheehan will be holding a series events in Vermont. Starting this Friday in the State House, Cindy Sheehan will tell us, why not to support the president.

So, while the Burlington Free Press printed a weak piece of fluff news about the Governor sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom Vermonters this coming week are about to show how the really care about the leadership of the nation and the strategy of the Iraq War. I sure hope that while Cindy Sheehan is coming to town, that Governor Douglass makes it a point to meet with her and then see what the President has done to her son. President Bush has created a war based on a lie and not one more should die.

Robb Kidd

“If you fall on the side that is pro-George, and pro-war, you get your ass over to Iraq, and take the place of somebody who wants to come home. And if you fall on the side that is against this war and against George Bush, stand up and speak out.” Cindy Sheehan


“If we stick together as an American people we can bring down the war criminals that are running our country right now.” Cindy Sheehan


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