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Monday, February 19, 2007

Presidential Hopeless

Today is President’s day and the news media and many pundits have already declared Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama as the front runners in the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination. While the primaries have not been held yet, it seems like the corporate media wants to showcase these two candidates while they ignore any candidates who will advocate change.

Barack Obama has seemed to become the front runner without saying a single word. His book “Audacity of Hope” has been charged as having nothing to say at all. His tenure in the Senate has been sort lived and there seems to be little record on what he stands for. Yes, he can use political buzzwords and make smooth campaign appearances but to claim he is the voice of change is far from being the truth. For the last few years Barack has been strengthening his alliance with the workings of corporate America.

The days of the Clinton presidency saw a sell out of the Democratic Party to corporate America. The Democratic Leadership Committee intertwined its resolve under the influence of the corporations and has transformed the party into being the Republican Party Lite. While Republican leadership has snuggled up to the whims of the oil industry, the Democratic leadership has not followed far behind. Presidential candidates need the vast resources given by the large corporations and unfortunately they dismiss the promises of the people.

For Barack one can not look to far at his sources of revenues to see that he is no different. A major financial backer of Barack is the Entergy Corporation. For those in Southern Vermont they should be quite familiar with Entergy since Entergy is the owner of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant. (Also note Rudy Guilianini's firm represents Entergy)Nuclear power has the potential of destroying us all and additionally to the risks of catastrophes like Chernobyl there are problems associated with storing toxic waste. Barack may show a façade of change; however he is still a tool of greedy corporate America.

As for Hilary Clinton, she is not the voice of the people either. Up until just recently she had been part of the meek loyal opposition to the President. She supported the war and has blocked previous attempts of debate. As for her ties to corporate America, first she has gained financially backing by Rupert Murdoch owner of the Fox News Corporation. Secondly, she was on the board of Wal-Mart for six years. Wal-Mart, the company that has been actively destroying towns and communities throughout America, while at the same time exporting American jobs to China and replacing it with very few low paid and uninsured service orientated jobs.

While I here these predications and blind support for candidates who do not offer anything new to the table I am perplexed about the status of our democracy. To me a truly viable candidate, Dennis Kucinich is being hung out to dry and has been ignored even by “liberal” minded individuals. This morning I was able to hear Congressman Kucinich speak on a variety issues on the radio. The most profound statement I heard him say was that “President Bush was able to fool all these members of Congress,” so “what gives them the qualities to be President.” Clinton, Edwards and Obama all unequivocally have given 100percent support to the war whether it was through funding or the initially authorization to use force. All three of those candidates’ reputations are tarnished because of it and if you are truly opposed to the war and the system that has perpetuated it I suppose looking at Congressman Kucinich’s campaign.

So while many throughout the blogsphere and the traditional media continually propagate Clinton and Obama to levels that are undeserving to them, I seek out the information from candidates that I will thoroughly support. I’ll tell you this there is no way Hilary Clinton our Barack Obama will get my vote and nor will the war hawk John McCain. Neither represents me or you, so if you believe in democracy search for the truth and voice it.

Robb Kidd

It makes no difference who you vote for - the two parties are really one party representing four percent of the people” Gore Vidal


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