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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Retreating Redcoats.

Oh, the mighty British Empire, the masters of imperialism have had enough of War in Iraq. In case anyone hasn’t notice yet that while our psychopathic President has deemed it necessary to not only stay in Iraq and instead of troop withdrawal he has decided to further escalate the United States’ presence while another ally backs down. Prime Minister Blair is set to announce his plans to return British troops from Iraq, while American troops are left hung to dry. How ironic is it that President Bush just other day falsely linked the American Revolution to the war on terror and now Britain is on the mark to withdrawal.

The British, no stranger to military involvement in foreign lands has seen enough. British imperialism had set its mark from India, to the Middle East and to the Americas and if any country should see a lost cause it would be them. Britain, the United State’s most supportive ally in the “War on Terror” has decided to back down. Britain too has been threatened by terrorism on their home front; however instead of continuing a failed policy that inevitable is creating more terrorism they have decided to back down.

A few years ago, President Bush had stated that “you are either with us or against,” now with the withdrawal of Britain it appears that nobody is with us. A mockery has been made of US foreign policy and every bit of goodwill that the world had given the US after the 9/11 tragedy has been flushed down the toilet. Current opinion polls show that only thirty percent of the country supports the war in Iraq, so who is with him?

While the US is supposedly spreading democracy around the world, it seems that the fundamental principles of democracy are being ignored. The people of this country don’t want this war and neither does the rest of the world. Britain is pulling out its troops, so wouldn’t it be nice if the US follows suit and end this bloody war.

Robb Kidd

“The best policy is to declare victory and leave” US Republican Senator, George Aiken from Vermont in regards to the Vietnam War.


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