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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

White Valentine and Hearts

I had been dreaming of a white Christmas just over a month ago but that vision had come and gone, so at least today Valentines Day is white. The natural beauty of pure white flakes of snow can capture ones soul. Jostling through the snow covered streets of Montpelier is a joy, especially while watching children play. Outside coffee shops and stores a line of skis lay against the walls, but catching my attention the most was not the snow today, it was all of downtown speckled with Valentine’s Day hearts.

Like a folklore hero, the Valentine’s Day Bandit added to the décor of the snow lined streets of the capital city. Nothing was safe, the Unitarian Church, The State House and the Elm Street Market was covered in red hearts. Everywhere in town hearts were the symbol of the day. Not too keen on symbols of what I perceive as a marketing holiday, I was first taken by surprise.

Get your sweety chocolate or a Vermont Teddy Bear is the traditional token of love. Diamonds are a women’s best friend, so the media has told me. I just don’t get it maybe some women get turned on by the fact that those shiny rocks had been mined in Africa under slave through conditions. Even the romantic notion of flowers is flawed in today’s world. This time of year the majority of flowers are grown on plantations in third world countries where people are starving and instead of raising food their natural resources are being used to grow flowers for export. The other day I heard a commercial on the radio from a Guitar store pitching the sales of something red. I do not know maybe I just don’t get it. What is one supposed to do on Valentines Day?

So, my cynical side came out strong with the first glances of hearts decorating the town, but as I watched the snow flakes fall from the sky, I saw another perspective, and that was love. The modern world is lacking in love and as a society we have become so disconnected to one another that love has taken a backseat to our relationships. “Love thy neighbor”, is preached in many religious texts, but due to the splintering of society most people don’t even know their own neighbors.

What is needed is more love? Love the coffee shop staff, the mailman and the senior citizens around the corner. We are all connected together; life is not about trying to screw each other. Maybe if society would just start loving each other we would end violence and oppression towards our fellow man.

As the snow continues to fall in Montpelier I entered the archway of home and was greeted with love. Not with the fancy trinkets or pounds of chocolate, just the woman I love. The hearts spread around town were maybe was just a sign of the holiday, but I looked past it and saw that all we need is love, not just today but everyday.

Robb Kidd

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix


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