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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Made In Vermont, Sandbags

Thankfully the risk of flooding in Montpelier has subsided with the pleasant warm weather this past weekend, but unfortunately the city of Montpelier is left with another problem. Stores and buildings all along Main Street and State Street are left stacked with hundreds of sandbags. What do you suppose we could do with them all?

The sandbags just a few weeks ago were a necessary precaution in the defense of an on waiting flood. Graciously citizens and business willingly took possession of the sandbags from members of the Vermont National Guard. Guardsmen were deployed to protect the city. Luckily for them, they were assigned this duty, instead of protecting the interests of Halliburton or Exxon-Mobil in Iraq. The guard is supposed to assist in protecting the homeland in causes of emergency, whether it is natural or man made. Rightfully so, Governor Douglass alerted the National Guard to serve. So while it appears the need of their service was not needed, their efforts are not being left unappreciated. If any of the members read this, I say thanks and I suppose the rest of Montpelier does as well. Well, that leaves us with all of the sandbags and I have a few suggestions of what can be done with them.

First, mark each sandbag Montpelier Flood of 2007 and stamp Made in Vermont on it and sell them to unassuming tourists who pass through the city. Think of the revenue source maybe that could pay for the overwhelming tax burden Governor Douglass keeps talking about.

Second, as suggested by my partner, we could make a giant sculpture on the State House lawn. With the abundance of artists in the area we could make an amazing piece of art that tourists will flock from miles around to see. Local business will flourish and the city will be an economic boom.

Third, we could save all the sand and dump it all out in thirty years when the flooding from global warming resides making Killington Vermont’s new tropical ocean resort. Tropical beach resorts are highly profitable, and the hotter it gets the more frozen drinks consumed, compar that with the melting snow.

Finally, we could just line them all up and fortify the city in preparation for a viable secessionist movement and spark a full scale revolution. In that case scenario, we could fully distance ourselves from the dooming collapse of the American economic system and break free from the economic injustice set out by the corporate agenda.

As the water and ice levels dissipate from the rivers that pass through Montpelier a sigh of relief gasps throughout town. While it turns out the need was not there for all this precaution, we can all look forward to the future where our government and our citizens can work in conjunction finding solutions to problems of the day, whether it be with the rising cost of health care or the eminent threat of climate change, government can work for the people, but only if the people work for the government.

Robb Kidd

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank


At March 26, 2007 12:15 PM, Blogger Morgan W. Brown said...

Enjoyed your suggestions concerning what could be done with the sandbags Robb.

By the way, according to an article published in this morning's edition of the Times Argus concerning the flood threat being over [with City Manager Bill Fraser answering a general query put to him regarding the sandbags] (here):


Now, what about all those sandbags all over the city? Fraser said that a crew from the Department of Corrections would be on hand in the coming days to remove the sandbags from storefronts and side streets. In total, 5,665 sandbags were produced and are now spread throughout the city.

"We're happy to collect sandbags," Fraser said. [...]


At March 27, 2007 12:25 PM, Blogger Morgan W. Brown said...

Additional information, fyi:

Sandbag removal

The city, with assistance from the Department of Corrections, will begin picking up sandbags this week. People who want to move sandbags earlier can return them to City Hall plaza. People are welcome to keep the sandbags for future use. The green sandbags can be stockpiled. The brown/white sandbags will deteriorate and are not meant for long term use.

[via Times Argus news article informational sidebar, here (Tuesday, March 27, 2007)]


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