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Saturday, March 17, 2007

No News

I have virtually been without a computer for the last week and it is a pleasure not to hear or see all the horrible things going on around the world. As well since I barely drive anywhere I have not been hearing radio news at all and with a combination of my non-existing television watching I have been in a political bubble the last week. Although I have not been following the “news”, my life still revolves around politics of the day and for that I have traveled throughout Vermont from Lyndonville to Rutland and made phone calls from Island Pond to Manchester, for politics is not just national it is everywhere.

National politics of the day seem to be tipping on the fate of the White House’s latest political folly in the firings of US District Attorneys based on politics. I am still flabbergasted that there is any debate left that the President and Vice-President should be impeached. Throughout Vermont, thirty-eight towns voted to impeach the President and still the Vermont Congregational delegation refuses to act on impeaching the President. The claims that it would not be politically expedient to venture on impeachment will set a dangerous precedent on the future affairs of the President.

“All politics is local” and the matter of impeachment of the President can not be of any greater importance. Yes, there are many needs and functions of government that need attention, but when you have the highest government officials using the political system to further enrich and expand their powers is a serious and grave offense.

So, while there have been some who said that local politics should not involve impeachment, the questions I prepose is what if your country is fighting a war that is based on lies, what if your country is being sold off to large corporate interests, what if your courty is spying on you, what if your country is torturing peoplewhat if your environment is being destroyed while government officials look the other way and what if your country is being bankrupted be flawed policies that favor billionaires?

Yes, I have not forgotten my politics at home but as I saw this last week, the politics of the nation and world have an overall reach into my local affairs. I agree that local matters need to be taken care of but when we have a Presidential administration creating policies that are crippling the nation; I have reservations about the direction of the country and that requires local attention. Local matters may be mute when the global economy collapses, further terrorists are bred due to continued involvement in wars or the uncertain ramifications of the near future from global climate change. There is hope as all politics is local and maybe the latest Presidential injustice will wake up the masses.

Robb Kidd

"Political necessities sometime turn out to be political mistakes." George Bernard Shaw


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