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Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Work, No Peace

Yesterday, I was walking down the street in Montpelier and a woman approached me and asked if I could spare a dollar bill or some change. At first, I was taken by surprised that I was approached for that proposition in this relativity small scale city. Anyway, not caring about the circumstance I reached in my pocket and gave her a dollar. She graciously replied and responded to me that she has been having a hard time finding work despite the fact that she would like to work. Although at first glance it may be sad, but instead I wished her well and spun it off in a positive way.

Yes, it is crime that there are people struggling to make ends meat in a country that is the envy of the rest of the world, but the truth of the matter is with each passing day there grows a greater gap between the wealth and the rest of the population. Yesterday’s New York Times featured a story that shows the disparity that exists in the “wealthiest” nation in the world. The article states that the top 300,000 Americans earn 440 times the amount of the bottom 150 million Americans. How shocking to me that in the “land of opportunity” and it appears that the majority of wealth gathered is centered with only a select few? Some may say that the power of working hard has paid of for those few, but in reality how much of that can be attributed to working hard. Is there anyone who rationally deserves four-hundred and forty-times times the pay as anyone else? Out of my years of working, I have never met anybody so deserving of that, maybe twice or three times as much but four-hundred and forty-times?

There are many American’s struggling day to day. Whether it is to pay the cost health care, food, shelter or transportation;the basic necessities of getting by are harder to come by. It is upsetting to me that America has lost its direction so much that there is a faction of the United States still eagerly wasting money on a war with no feasible means of a productive solution. While the President is ignoring the resolve at least Congress is waking up on the needs of Americans and beginning to approach things in a rational manner and seeking for solutions to end the misguided war in Iraq.

While I do not support the War in Iraq and I am hesitant in supporting the latest war supplement; however I feel that at least our leaders in Congress are at least calling and seeking to bind the President to commit to its end. In the meantime, to answer the calls of the unemployed or underemployed at least they can look at from the bright side; they are not paying for the war. The government can not tax money you are not making, so if you make little or no money, they can’t pay for their war.

I left that woman on the streets with my words of not paying for the war, and although I could see that she was down on her luck for lack of money, I can say at least I put a smile on her face for part of the day by telling her that at least the war is not coming from her pay. So my advice is to stop working and let those top 300,000 Americans pay for the war if they so choose.

Robb Kidd

“Not only our future economic soundness but the very soundness of our democratic institutions depends on the determination of our government to give employment to idle men.” Franklin D. Roosevelt


At June 06, 2007 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might want to check out "Ron Paul" on YouTube and on Google.

He understands economics and money manipulation of the elite.


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