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Monday, April 30, 2007

Glacier Water

On a recent vacation in Maine, we drove past a reservoir near Kennebunk Port and my partner Sarah stated to me that the reservoir must have extreme security precautions taken being so close to the home of former President George H. Bush. I replied that it didn’t matter to protect it since the Bush’s probably got their water flown in directly from melting glaciers. While my rational may be exaggerating, I feel that the mentality is not that far off from the reality of the American public.

News stories reported last week, that while 66 percent of American’s realize that global warming is being caused by human activity very few actually want to alter their lifestyle to help slow it down. I fear that while many are aware of this enormous problem that a branch of our population will ignore it. The dichotomy of look at me I’m so important, I can afford to drive a gas guzzling SUV or I can consume as much as I want is so prevalent.

Here in Vermont, the legislature has been looking at proactive approaches to reducing our impact on global warming but unfortunately they have been meeting hesitation. An added tax on vehicles that produce less than 20 miles per gallon has been met with so much opposition one would think that the state is threatening to take away the family pet. Rhetoric charging that “I can’t put three car seats in fuel efficient vehicle” has been at the forefront or that it will be an unnecessarily cringe on their rights is seriously flawed. There are many vehicles that obtain higher fuel efficiency and that purchasing of those would ultimately save gas and money.

So what is the big deal about a $150 dollar tax on those high pollutant vehicles, if I am so inclined to do my part on slowing down the causes of global warming the rest of the citizenry must as well? Just as a bottle of water or water from a melting glacier causes greater expense, if you can afford the expense you might as well pay for it. There is no right in the Constitution to pollute or desecrate the environment and if reality does not cause a shift in attitude maybe just an added expense will impact society to change. The governor may come up with some catchy phrases in condemning a tax; however the reality of the matter is that global warming is real and that if the government fails to act we as society might as well whistle to taps on our ways of life.

The so called “greatest generation” during the World War II era scrimped and saved to help fight off the Nazi oppression, so why can’t the kinder gentler compassionate nation of the early 21st century do it’s part and help save the world. There are many scientists who have projected serious worldwide catastrophes as an imminent threat from global warming, so what are the reservations? Are we as society too in love with our possessions and accumulation of stuff? While legislatures debate over methodology to tackle this issue, we as a society have to move away from the logic that more is better, because remember “he who dies with the most toys, still dies.” We can continue on with this pace of mass accumulation; however there will be future consequences at stake.

While I traveled past the town of Kennebunk, Maine and the miles of stores littered amongst the road, I just wondered if man will ever get it and strive for creating an environmentally and economically sustainable society. I for one am trying to do my part and if you are not, please do. Our children and grandchildren depend on it.

Robb Kidd

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” Dr. Martin Luther King


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