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Thursday, April 05, 2007

No Money, Act Locally

Dominating coverage of potential political candidates recently seems to be too focused on how much money each candidate has raised. While there are a whole plethora of candidates to choose from for the office of president it seems that the American media prefers the candidates who are able to obtain the most amount of money with little regards to policy or track record.

The other day, Hilary Clinton was hailed as the front runner since she raised 26 million; however just twenty million dollars of that money can be used for the primary, so that entitles Barrack Obama the leader, since he raised 23.5 million. I fear this trend of politics that candidates are decided based on their ability to raise money, since it leaves room for American democracy to be overly influenced by big money. Elected officials are supposed to answer to the will of the people, but with the introduction of money interests candidates who had obtained the support from Oil companies, Nuclear Industries or “High Tech” companies tend to favor legislation favorable to their donors. I ponder to question on where this money is coming from and how much influence is being peddled onto them.

As had been revealed recently in a New York Times article, the top 300,000 Americans earn 440 times the amount of the bottom 150 million America, so as a result the top 300,000 have an unfair advantage to dictate policy and control the political system as they fell fit. So while corporate America jockeys up their support and place there dollars on their political horse we Americans are left on the infield of the track looking on and hoping for maybe a candidate that supports the slightest interest to our plight.

I am doubtful that any of these major candidates truly represent the average American but as my pessimism rides on the national political spectrum, I am hopeful on changing what occurs around me locally. In individual towns, counties and states a lot more can be achieved, your voice is stronger to your locally elected officials and that is where the true roots of democracy are. We are made to believe that politics revolve around what goes on in Washington, while it tends to be the case revolving around issues such as the War in Iraq and taxation; however the daily policies of our lives are affected much more of what occurs locally.

So, while I read the disturbing stories of the money involved in national elections, I am weary about the corruptibility of the national system. The message portrayed on the national level is that if you have 50,000 dollars you can become appointed ambassador of Belgium if you donate money in attacking your candidate’s opponent. While the rich and powerful of the upper classed dictate the resolve of our national government, we the people have a voice within our local communities. In statehouses and town halls policies are being dictated without your involvement, if you want to make a difference act locally and speak your voice. The true voice of democracy comes from the people on the ground, not from the barrel of the President’s gun.

Robb Kidd

“The people of this country, not special interest big money, should be the source of all political power.” Paul Wellstone, deceased U.S. Senator Minnesota


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