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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Step it Up-Today....

It is a balmy 36 degrees this morning as I awoke to begin another adventurous day. No, today I am not going to climb any mountain, but participate in a call to STEP IT UP2007 and to act on climate change. The message that will be broadcasted from throughout the country today will demand action against climate change will be like climbing a mountain. Today, April 14 2007 myself and many other committed citizens are standing out and voicing our concerns about global climate change. The proverbial mountain is in the fact that we need a hard shift of societal ways to rectify the downward spiral human ingenuity has created.

While, it is 36 degrees right now and the advent of another winter storm brewing in the distance the fact of the matter is global climate change is happening. Winter took a long time for itself to show its face in the capital city of Montpelier and vice versa it is taking a long time to now leave. To a critic that is a sign that global warming is not happening while he/she may fail to notice the average changes. Despite more snow in the forecast, the truth is the earth’s atmosphere is steadily rising. We may have our steady cold fronts or our long drawn out heat spells but in reality those are just fluctuations in our individualized climates. The major problems exist within the global temperature which is causing the receding of glaciers, the melting of the polar ice caps and greater evaporation rates of water resources.

The exact after effects are the only true forms of debate left open. Predictions of higher intensity hurricanes, devastating floods and severe droughts are rampant. To know for sure which will happen is left for time to tell, however in the meantime you suppose we sit around and wait. For those readers, in Vermont well all witnessed the preparations for the impending Montpelier flood of 2007 just a few weeks ago and it has been determined that flood preparations cost the city about $20,000. There is little mention being echoed that the cost was a waste because prevention is the best form of defense. The best way to prevent a flood would have not to build a city on the banks of two rivers. It is too late for that now and it would be unrealistic to move the city and undo what previous generations have done, so prevention and preparation is the only course at hand.

Likewise with climate change, we do know that it is happening and we do know that man has adversely affected the earths temperatures through carbon emissions; conversely it would be unrealistic to undo what has been already been done. Like a flood, we prepare and look at solutions preventing from it happening. Just like a flood, global climate change has many causes. There may be some natural elements but in general human development has exasperated it is conditions. As for global climate change, we know that the causes are due to primarily of carbon emissions. Carbons emissions are emitted from the burning of fossil fuels and we burn fossil fuels the power our homes and cars and make and ship the products we consume.

While federal and state governments have ignored the issue and corporate industries have hampered effective legislative policy we as an individuals have the right to demand a solution. In addition, we all have the individual responsibility to act ourselves, whether it be using our cars less, buying a hybrid vehicle, eating local foods or simply consuming less. There are many of us out there already doing that and I hope that more will come, but in the meantime our government needs to protect our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. That right of happiness does not come from the right to own a hummer or to pollute the planet, but the right of having clean air and a vibrant ecological earth in balance.

So as I embark on my journey for today, I hope that the rest of the country wakes up and realizes what is being doing to the planet. We have only one home and that is the planet Earth, it is not disposable despite what you may have been seen on T.V. If you were not at one of Step It Up events this weekend, please write to your elected officials and demand that they support legislation to cut carbon emissions by eighty percent by the year 2050. This planet is not just yours and mine but your children’s and grandchildren’s.

Robb Kidd

"We have not inherited this earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children." Native American proverb


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