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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thanks Leahy !!!

In our times there is a lack of thankfulness admitted towards our public servants. While “public servants” such as George Bush, Dick Cheney and Tom Delay do not deserve any thanks a feeling of distrust is left upon our system of government and too frequently we as a society fail to thank our elected officials or individuals who are making a difference and doing good deeds within our society.

Today, I was at a conference regarding the issue of local food accessibility and was fortunate to receive some thanks. I was there not as a conference attendee but as a representative of the organization I have been working hard with creating positive and progressive change. I choose not to indulge which group I am with as my ideas do not represent the organization; however I can attest as an organization it is advocating for positive change. So after a series of discussions with various other attendees a UVM student approached me and we briefly conversed. After a moment I asked him what he was involved with and he told me that he was part of group of people going around and giving hugs to those who are doing good things for the earth. He then asked me if I would accept a hug. I obliged and was honored to be thanked.

As an individual who has been working hard to help create a positive change, I feel that at times I am all alone in a heartless world and that society just does not care. What good does it matter to fight so hard for something when all that society does is cast you out and continues it’s consummation of Big Macs and drives high pollutant SUVs? So with a day like this where I was given a hug by a complete stranger, I was thrilled that someone cared.

I am not in search of personal thanks or inflation of my ego by revealing the need to give thanks. There are countless individuals and organizations that thanks are due, and your support can do wonder. I would personally like to thank them all for the things they do, but coming to my mind there is one voice that stands out today. I think the time is due for all those who care about American Democracy to personally thank Senator Patrick Leahy for his passionate charge to justice. While there are still those within the Democratic Party who seem to be happy with the party’s role of being the meek opposition, Senator Leahy has been using the power of the Senate Judicial Committee Chairmanship to obtain answers and restore justice to America. At least someone is speaking out against the crimes and injustices that have been allowed to take place. Congress is no longer a loyal lapdog to the President’s doomed policies of failure and cronyism with Senator Leahy at the helm..

Watch, if you want to see True Patriotism at it’s finest:

So as an American and a believer in Democracy, I am thankful to be represented by Senator Patrick Leahy, and we Americans owe our thanks.

Thank you Senator Leahy!!!!

Robb Kidd

“Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Thomas Jefferson.


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