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Monday, May 07, 2007

Hybridization of America

Once again with the advent of warmer weather throughout the Northern Hemisphere gas prices soar higher. A year ago the nation was grumbling with the high costs of fuel, but as it seems the consciousness of society dissipated from that the problem, the problem just does not go away. As an environmentalist, I almost cheer the rise in cost, but for my everyday cost of life I frown. The truth of the matter is that we as a society need to break away from our “addiction” to oil and if rising prices help stimulate that, then so be it.

On one hand I do as much as I am capable of doing, I am weaning myself from oil; however our lives have been so entrenched with the needs of oil it remains difficult. I live in town, so the majority of activities I do I can walk to, but there are cases when I do need to drive. Just as for this last weekend, we had to be in Massachusetts for a wedding. So recently, I too have succumbed to purchasing a hybrid vehicle and while the gas mileage is sure better than what I had received before, it still is not an answer.

Flurrying past the city of Boston, I was flabbergasted hearing a radio commercial in Boston calling for the listener to give back to the environment and purchase a hybrid SUV. The commercial charged that it’s the latest craze in Hollywood. Do good for the environment, buy a hybrid SUV and be hip like the stars? First, of on the matter hybrid SUV’s get bellow 30 miles per gallon and secondly it does not answer our homicidal needs for excess. Americans spend there lives so captivated by their cars that they might as well just sleep in it and then use it as a coffin when they die.

A car is just a mode of transportation and statistical averages reveal that the typical American car will drive only 5 miles and hour in its lifetime. Think of the time wasted sitting at traffic lights, circling the parking lot, warming up and sitting in traffic. So much time sitting, when one could have just walked. As well, think of the amount of time spent purchasing the car, working to pay for it and maintaining it. Depends on what part of the country, the cost of insurance can as well be exorbitant. We Americans spent so much of our time revolved around our automobiles, whether it be driving it or working to pay for it.

As one of the car companies says that their car is “The heartbeat of America,” I laugh and ponder because it sure needs a pacemaker. We Americans need to distance ourselves from the car culture of society and move ourselves into an environmentally friendly society. While we all can buy a hybrid vehicle instead of a gas guzzling vehicle, the reality of the situation calls for more drastic approaches. We all need to make choices that progress us to leaving a lesser environmental footprint.

Robb Kidd

“There is a spiritual hunger in the world today - and it cannot be satisfied by better cars on longer credit terms” Adlai E. Stevenson, former Ambassador to the UN.


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