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Friday, May 25, 2007

Taste of Disgust, War

I awoke this morning to the taste of disgust; no it was not waking up to the taste of morning breath but to the reading of the news that Congress has authorized billions of dollars for President Bush to continue in escalating his war. Back in November, we heard a lot of promise that change was coming and that America was in a new direction, but the only difference between then and now is that instead of Rubber Stamp Congress we now have a Door Mat Congress.

It seems that it is daily that further evidence is revealed that this administration knew more about the intelligence than they were saying. The evidence clearly shows that this Presidential administration purposefully manipulated Congress and the nation into this war and it is further evident that their plans were to become a permanent occupying force. So while for the last six years the Republican Congress rubber stamped Presidential prerogative and now all the Democrats can do is show a meek cover of smoke, thousands are still being sent off to their deaths. While the Democrats may be investigating US Attorney firings and other misdemeanors other acts of treachery are going unanswered.

Twenty years ago a “Populist Socialist” here in Vermont claimed that there was no difference between Republicans and Democrats and while it seems evident today that there are clearly no distinctions today except with the miniscule squeak of resistance, the Democrats have merged with the Republicans and supported this failed war approach. As a case in point most Democrats in Congress were fooled by the President the first time, so it is either they are inept themselves or they are truly in cahoots with them. Today, that same “Populist Socialist”, now says that you have got to be crazy to consider that there is no difference between the parties, but as it appears in regards to Iraq there is no difference. That man now, Senator Bernie Sanders should remove himself from the power of the Democratic Machine so he could see that the national Democrats are weak and spineless and are in need for a full wake call.

I have to give credit to at least the Vermont Congressional Delegation, since Senator Leahy, Senator Sanders and Congressman Welch all have issued strong statements against this war; however their words are not enough and the Vermont people and America have said enough is enough. The war in Iraq is wrong and innocent American youth are being sent to die and their mere presence in Iraq is exasperating a civil war. America voted for change and not for more of the same, so although words may be right for a select few their actions are not enough.

As we approach the Memorial Day Weekend Holiday, Congress authorized the spending of billions of dollars to create more deaths of innocents that we as country will have to pay homage to. While I have a strong taste of disgust from their actions, I still have some hope that America will wake up and demand that change, but it’s dwindling away from the confidence of the Democratic Party. So wake up Democrats and those of you who support them.

Robb Kidd

“They have always taught and trained you to believe it to be your patriotic duty to go to war and to have yourselves slaughtered at their command. But in all the history of the world you, the people, have never had a voice in declaring war, and strange as it certainly appears, no war by any nation in any age has ever been declared by the people.” Eugene Debs, American Labor Organizer and Socialist Party Candidate for President. (1855-1926)


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