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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

World Corruption Bank

There seems to be a mood of ecstatic joy in regards to the downfall of Paul Wolfowitz from heading of the World Bank and while many may have noticed that Mr. Wolfowitz had been a chief architect of the Neo-Cons disastrous implantation of the war in Iraq, they now celebrate with glee his down fall with little discussion revolving around the harsh reality that he was perfect for the World Bank position.

The World Bank has nothing to do about raising the quality of living for “the undeveloped world” but for the mere purpose of creating further markets of development. While to the mere outsider the World Bank produces an imagery of wholesome concern; however that is far from the real truth of the matter. The World Bank has been a tool for venture capitalists in further procuring their desires of developing and exploiting the undeveloped world. Instead of using military force the World Bank goes into the “undeveloped world” and installs loans to spur economic development that perpetuates them into system of subservience.

On paper it sounds nice, but in reality these loans subject the population to dramatic changes to their environment and create an environment of greater poverty. In Mexico farmers were discouraged from growing corn due to the abundance of US corn and now with the greater demand for ethanol corn prices have skyrocketed and many Mexicans are left without their most basic staple for food. Mexican peasantry who had left the farms for the promises of greater economic freedom are now in a pinch since corn is no longer cheap to them. Now they are unable to support themselves and are in need of work, so left with little options the opportunities north of the border look good to them.

In Africa, large tracts of land have been turned into fields of flowers. The demand of flowers sparks high in many American and European homes and while GDP (gross domestic product) rises in these African nations the general populace suffers. Fertile lands and valuable water resources are not used to feed people but to beautify the homes of the privileged world. Bureaucrats from the World Bank will propagate the rises in GDP as proof positive of their success stories, meanwhile the realities of poverty are shoveled under the soil. Due to the conversionf to industrialized farming methods and market concerns these populations are faced with water shortages and thus food shortages.

These scenarios are resonated throughout the undeveloped world and while there are success stories in the procurement of wealth from a few, the majority is left with deeper pockets of poverty. Instead of creating vibrant and sustainable communities the World Bank is creating subservient nations permanently indebted to the world bankers. Like colonies of old, these nations have become indentured servants to the “Western World” of consumerism, but instead of through the might of the military, the power of the dollar is succumbed to them.

Many of us may be happy that Paul Wolfowitz is leaving the World Bank under a dark cloud, but realistically the institution itself should be placed on trial. While Mr. Wolfowitz was a chief player in the Project for A New American Century’s vision of American global domination his perspective matched the motives of the World Bank. President Bush has now nominated Robert Zoellick for the position. Mr. Zoelllick has had a career of similarities and has been labeled as being Condoleezza Rice’s “alter ego” during his stint as Deputy Secretary of State. As the Who song declares “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss,” the World Bank will continue on being a tool to further oppress and dominate the undeveloped world under the guise of charity. The institution is flawed and that is where the criticism should fall and not on the feeble and corruptible man.

Robb Kidd

“So again, I think that’s good. But if you look at the overall range of the Bank’s policies, it hasn’t been benign by any means. The Bank would have a long way to go to “redeem itself.” Noam Chomsky on the World Bank.


At May 30, 2007 12:13 PM, Blogger saurabh said...

nice post. In Mumbai (Bombay) the WB is lobbying to increase FSI (floor space index) and carrying out huge infrastructure projects mindless of what the real needs are.


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