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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chicken Event Two...

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” Yesterday it appeared to be just another summer day in the quaint Mad River Valley town of Waitsfield, Vermont. People congregated outside of American Flatbread in the sweltering heat. Fridays normally amass a line up of people to wait for fresh flatbread made from their wood burning ovens and with mostly organic and local products. This was not a normal Friday because a similar day one year ago, George Schenk, the owner tried to contest state statutes and had planned to sell uninspected chicken from Hadley Gaylord’s farm, his neighbor at his restaurant.

The story continued and George was threatened with an injunction from the state to shut his restaurant down. Instead of a complete act of civil disobedience George followed the state’s directive, as not to risk the livelihood of his employees. Although, he and Hadley did back down they did not end it there. They contacted their local representatives and the farmer’s advocacy group Rural Vermont (please join) and launched a proactive campaign in changing the law. Throughout the legislative session farmers and concerned citizens lobbied and testified to countless committee hearings. As well Rural Vermont’s Executive Director Amy Shollenberger diligently stood watch and advocated on behalf of farmers and made sure that in no circumstances was this legislation diluted or killed. Due to the actions, of one man and one farmer a whole movement changed a senseless regulation and now once again the public can have access to locally raised poultry. So here in the Mad River Valley was a celebration of change.

For me Friday was a historic day, for I have been a vegetarian for over two and half years. I stopped eating meat for a multiple of reasons. The current factory farm system is completely environmentally unstable and having animals raised in unnatural confinements is inhumane. The factory farm system creates piles of toxic wastes that pollute rivers, streams and the water sources of a region. In addition, a huge amount of oil is burned to ship the meats thousands of miles is adding more carbon extenuating the causes of global.

As well as the environmental ramifications, the treatment of animals in the factory farm system is barbaric. Most animals never get to see the light of day and are confined to small quarters. While there are those who claim that animals do not have a soul, I refute that and have seen the innocence and purity with many of animal’s eyes. These animals are led a life of misery trapped in captivity and are forced to eat unnatural foods. Instead of grasses and other natural nutrients, most animals in the factory food system are fed corn, antibiotics and synthetic supplements. Having not been raised with their natural diets these animals are prone to diseases and ailments that weaken their quality of life, subsequently the poor diet and lifestyle is passed up the food chain to humans.

The factory food system is unstable for the animals, people and the planet. Having farmers, citizens and restaurant owners challenge archaic laws passed in favor of the factory food system is in order to restore ecological balance to the planet and our own lives. Laws can be changed but it takes courage for someone to stand up and challenge it. George and Hadley stood up and took the charge for it was the right thing to do, although smaller in scale, Rosa Parks similarly took a stand and challenged what was wrong. Stand up and be that change, change comes from within not from above. Last night, we celebrated in Waitsfield for the page is turning towards the proactive advancement of our culture.

Robb Kidd

“Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight.” Bob Marley.


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