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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nuclear Grand Oil Party

The more I read up on national issues and compare them to local issues; I see very little difference in the brands of Republican flawed policy. Today, Senate Republicans killed tax increases on the oil corporations which have been profiting enormously off the backs of Americans. While raking in the profits they have also peddled their influence and have blocked any substantive conservation programs or the development of clean and safe renewable energy sources. Like wise, Vermont’s Governor Douglass recently vetoed legislation that would have taxed the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant at a more equitable rate and would have set funding in place to develop greater energy efficiency and boost the development of alternative energy sources. From any vantage point, one should clearly see that the Republicanism of today has been corrupted by the corporate agenda and has neglected its duty of representing the people.

America is faced with a multi-faceted energy crisis, which needs desperate attention. Whether it is because of high costs, shortage of supply or the ramifications of environmental pollution America’s energy policies need to be changed. In 2006, President Bush admitted to America’s looming addiction to oil; however the influence of his associates is so strong that implementation of any viable policy is struck down instantaneously. Vice-President Cheney’s secret energy meetings has set forth an agenda of corporate thievery on the populace and while American’s suffer from higher gasoline, home-heating costs and electricity rates their associates have walked of like bandits.

In Vermont, aggressive legislation would have tackled these issues but unfortunately the enormous influence of the multiple high priced lobbyists of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant (Entergy Corporation based in Louisiana) have effectively peddled their influence into the Governor’s office and other Republican Legislators. “It is bad for business,” is their poorly patented cry, however lost in their cowardly cries is the question of what business. High profits and high fuel cost may benefit Exxon-Mobil and the Entergy Corporation, but in reality each individual citizen and small business is bearing the brunt of those costs. Small business, farmers and private citizens can not afford to pay the costs any longer while these enormous corporations fill the coffers of their CEOs and stockholders. The burden has been bequeathed to us the citizens and therefore our leaders should represent us.

Time in and time again, the American political spectrum ponders to the demands of the large scale global corporations. Instead of allowing all of the enormous profits to go unfettered to the corporations, our energy dollars should go to promoting efficient, clean and renewable energy sources. America needs an investment in its future and a commitment to promoting an environmental stable energy policy, otherwise all will be left with is the filthy residue of burnt fossil fuels and volatile nuclear waste while global climate change unpredictable threatens humanity. So while in Washington, like here in Vermont the Republicans have trampled on creating an affordable, efficient environmental energy source, I remind all my readers that it is our duty to reclaim our government and obtain a brighter future.

Robb Kidd

“The quicker we get about the business of reducing our reliance on oil the better.”

Condoleezza Rice, The lying Secretary of State who was a Chevron Executive and coincidently has an oil tanker named after her. So in one aspect these thieves admit the problem but block any attempt to do anything about. I guess money does talk in the land of hypocrisy.


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