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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Canadian Exile-Holiday

I have returned from my self imposed exile to the great North Country (Canada) and have been out of touch with the political mustering of this country’s affairs. I must say it was a pleasure stepping back and removing myself from the chaotic and turbulent times of American politics; however I have gained a lot of respect for our Canadian brethrens. While we Americans ponder our ego-centric one-dimensional world view there is a whole another world pontificating just to the north of us and unlike Americans they seem to be more aware of the world around them than just their own little sphere.

I must admit I virtually do not know a thing about Canada politics, while of the Canadians I talked to in Canada many were quite astute to our happenings. One such conversation began with “I suppose your not to happy with President Bush” and then he began to inform me of their patsy Prime Minister Stephen Harper being in the pocket of Bush. Just to inform you up until today I kept referring him as being Tony Harper. I guess I relate him to being a stooge for Bush just like Tony Blair of the UK. Anyway upon further discussion and mentioning that I live in Vermont, it was even brought up that Vermont and the Atlantic Provinces all should succeed from their unions and form a whole different country, I was told that like Vermont the Atlantic Provinces were an anomaly

So anyway, although I am highly political I tended to keep my words under my hat while within my travels. Even to the point while crossing the border I removed my hat that has a button on it stating “The Patriot Act: Turning Citizens into suspects since 2001.” I did not want to see any over-zealous border agent or Canadian Royal Mounted Police crack down on me. We all now how much the Canadian government has played patsy to America’s “War of Terror.” I did make some exceptions such as signing a few guest books stating Americans for Impeachment and Earth First, and the relocation of “Support Your Troops” magnetic ribbons to their SUV’s gas tanks.) A short time ago I had joked upon moving to Vermont that at least I was one step closer to the freedom of Canada, but upon closer circumspection I realize that they are not to far off in their governments allegiance to oil as is with President Bush.

Unknown, to most Americans, Canada is the largest exporter of oil to the United States and that explains the close relationship with the President and his failed policies to Prime Minister Harper, however I have faith in the Canadian system of government and they shall soon remove the minority Conservative dogma from any position of power. So as I have learned that sometimes the grass may be greener on the other side of the hill, I too realize that we must unite with our Canadian brethren and stand up to the multinational corporate fascists and take back our planet.

Robb Kidd

“Canadians have an abiding interest in surprising those Americans who have historically made little effort to learn about their neighbour to the North.”
Peter Jennings


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