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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Impeach Pelosi and Chicken Hawks

Out along the Left Coast an earthquake is about to emerge in the city by the bay. Now I do not wish for a real earthquake to happen in San Francisco; however Cindy Sheehan is about to make some seismic fault lines upon the weak Democratic machine of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi who self appointed her dictation to the rest of the Democratic Party and claimed that “impeachment is off the table,” is now about to see the power of democracy. While Cindy Sheehan is about to throw her hat in the ring and challenge the weak impotent Nancy Pelosi for her Congressional seat I encourage others across the land to follow suit. In Vermont, I nominate Dan Dewalt for that call.

While Speaker Pelosi has dictated her will upon her faithful flock of chicken hawk Democrats the Bush/Cheney administration continues to ignore the rule of law and the will of the people. Let us remind the Democrats that we elected them to reverse course in America and as we sit on the sidelines more die in Iraq, individuals are still spied upon and secretly tortured and the detriment to our earth is further exasperated. It is nice to hear words from Democrats that they do not support the war nor the President and now we even a few token Republicans give lip service as well; however the truth of the matter is that until we remove the chief architects of this deceit America’s reputation will be permanently tarnished.

Here in Vermont, Peter Welch continually says his number one priority is to end the war, and says that impeachment would be a distraction from its resolve. I refute his claim and state that it is not his prerogative to follow Nancy Pelosi’s agenda but to follow the grassroots call of impeachment. For that reason, even though I tediously worked on his campaign and wrote numerous letters on behalf of his candidacy I am publicly declaring that I will not vote for Peter Welch unless he signs on to articles of impeachment. Likewise, since Peter appears not to listen to voice of the people I am recommending that we as a people vote for someone who truly understands Democracy and that is why I am recommending Dan Dewalt for Congress. A man who understands what freedom and democracy stands for.

Come on and take the Pledge.

I state your name so solemnly swear never to vote for a political candidate who 1. Refuses to uphold the Constitution and continues to allow an imperial President and Vice-President to do as they feel fit with our country or 2. Has supported the war directly or indirectly or. 3. Has supported other candidates who have voted for this war (including Obama, Clinton, and Edwards).

And therefore, I solemnly swear to only vote for candidates who have supported Articles of Impeachment for President Bush and Vice-President Cheney and those who clearly voted to defund the war immediately and have never once supported any measures of this illegal and immoral war.

Those who are failing to call for removal of the war’s architects are just as responsible as those who have orchestrated it. If you live in San Francisco say no to Nancy Pelosi and anywhere else in the country stand up and refuse to support the candidates of war and obstruction. Democracy calls for impeachment…

Robb Kidd

“Let's impeach the President for lyin'
And misleading our country into war
Abusing all the power that we gave him
And shipping all our money out the door
Who's the man who hired all the criminals?
The White House shadows who hide behind closed doors
They bend the facts to fit with their new story
Of why we had to send our men to war”- Neil Young..


At July 10, 2007 6:35 PM, Anonymous Little Miss Curious said...

Oh yeah, representative democracy...that's a great idea. I remember learning about that in middle school. I thougth I just had to learn it for the test. I think that's what everybody else thought, too. It looks like the American public is going to have to wake up from their oil-induced coma and do a little refresher course on civic engagement if we want to change the crooked course that this nation is on.

At July 21, 2007 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you heard about H Res 333? I urge you and your readers to take a few minutes to look at:


It's a list of the 25 most recent comments made by real Americans participating in an online poll/letter-writing campaign concerning the impeachment charges recently filed against Vice President Cheney, which are now being evaluated by the House Judiciary Committee. Comments can be sent to elected representatives and local newspapers at your option. The participation page is at:


Since this campaign began, several members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors, in part due to hearing from their constituents. Has yours? Make your voice heard, and let others know!


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