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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Virtual Independence

As I embark on my journey for the Independence Day Holiday, I mark the beginning of my personal declaration of independence from the age of computers for a few days. Modern society has become so subservient to computers that our individualized relations with people have become splintered from reality. The question to be raised is that with all the advancements of modern technology has man evolved or has it digressed?

I worry about the advent of modern technology that people have lost focus on their connections to the natural world and most importantly people. One could walk the streets of New York, a city composed of millions of people and not have a single conversation with a live human being. Instead of conversing with the coffee shop attendant, door man, or neighbor one could easily immerse themselves with conversation via cell-phone with someone thousands of miles away. Society has become misplaced by a sea of strangers gasping for connection and our technology has become an enormous vacuum sucking the life away from our interactions.

As a society, we have Email, Instant Message and Text Message, where as instead of plain conversation society is ghastly consumed with the latest fast paced technological craze. Although, I will still be using my cell phone on my upcoming journey I am going to remove myself from the virtual world of computers. I am going to remove myself from writing my blog, checking my email and reading the latest travesty we call news, for the real world of living and communicating in person will be right in front of me. The news will happen, other blogs will be written and of course my inbox will be filled like my real mailbox outside my house. The world will not stop if I am not wired, so therefore I am going unplugged for the next week. Happy Independence Day, and may you have the freedom to be who you are.

Robb Kidd

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Albert Einstein.


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