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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Home Run Distraction

“It is high it is far and it’s gone”, “Way back, back, back … and it’s out of here” are the words that strike the American pastime of baseball. Barry Bond’s just broke a record and the baseball world and the American news media has shined while many a man, woman and children are left struggling to survive. A record of mighty proportions one could say, however while their attentions have been driven to a man linked to the usage of steroids a deleterious Presidential administration has been allowed to go unscathed from their deceitful ways.

Americas are so distracted by frivolous news that one could get a quick glance and feel that all life depended on was the outcome of a baseball game. “I went to a Red Sox game on Saturday and up above home plate I couldn’t help notice the press box: five, six, seven tiers of desks, filled with print, radio, television, and who knows what other media all reporting every move and anomaly. It dawned on me that there are more reporters covering the Sox, just one baseball team, than cover the Pentagon” William M. Arkin of the Washington Post, which I copied from the Progressive.

Baseball has been acclaimed to being America’s pastime, which I too have enjoyed in my years past, until one day I realized that it was just part of the political machine. Many diehard Red Sox fans will attest to the vileness of George M. Steinbrenner, notwithstanding their furious rivalries there is much more to Mr. Steinbrenner than the baseball world. He had acclaimed his personal wealth from bilking the US Navy with his massive ship building business in Tampa, Fl. He was convicted of illegal campaign contributions to Richard Nixon and then pardoned by Ronal Reagan. Then as we can all attest to the 2001 World Series, some critics have compared President Bush’s ceremonially first pitch as being nothing more than a party pogrom unifying the masses for support of war. “Watching from owner George Steinbrenner’s box, Karl Rove thought, It’s like being at a Nazi rally” as stated by reporter Bob Woodward. George has more at stake seeing the war industry propelled than whether or not the Yankees win a game.

It does not stop with the Yankees, for the New York Mets organization was originally founded by a partnership that included the Walker family (Barbara Bush’s lineage.) Also for a time period, President Bush was an owner of the Texas Rangers, who while he was Governor swindled the city of Arlington, Texas in building a stadium for their team. Or with the case of the media, CNN’s and WTBS mogul Ted Tuner was owner of the Atlanta Braves. Fox and Rupert Murdoch have practically cornered the Sports market and obtained exclusives rights to MLB, the NFL and NASCAR while simultaneously corrupting political debate with their unfair and biased news empire.

Fresh in people’s minds is the horrific collapse of I-35W in Minnesota, coincidentally the next day the Minnesota Twins were supposed to have a ground breaking ceremony to commemorate the building of a new baseball stadium. While the demands and needs of baseball have out-leveraged the needs of ordinary citizens, billionaires such as Carl Pollad (majority stock holder in Pepsi and owner of the Twins) have shackled communities into subsidizing their franchises while leaving infrastructure left to collapse. Oh, yeah and before you Red Sox fans boast any further owner John Henry’s personal plane has been linked to being used in the CIA’s illegal rendition of “suspected terrorists.”

There are countless stories of how the baseball industry has collectively captivated the American public into its own form of the Roman Coliseum. While the media captivates to the entertainment of a game, Rome is still burning but you would never know for that is not news. Barry Bond’s homerun ball nestled into the seats of frenzied fans while Americans are being denied the honesty and integrity of Washington, D.C. for the media has capitulated to the powers that be.

Robb Kidd

“Baseball is not necessarily an obsessive-compulsive disorder, like washing your hands 100 times a day, but it's beginning to seem that way. We're reaching the point where you can be a truly dedicated, state-of-the-art fan or you can have a life. Take your pick.” ~Thomas Boswell, Washington Post, 13 April 1990


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