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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Money:False Change

It behooves me to hear the stories about the how much money is being raised for the Presidential election. Just the other day, a stealth fundraiser was held for Barrack Obama in the Green Mountain state and he raised a paltry $250,000 from this event. While many Vermonters are struggling to pay for food, education and the upcoming winter heating season, it seems that there is plenty of money to go towards an election campaign of someone who just might be the Democratic nominee.

While, personally I have not been sold on the geniality of the Barrack Obama campaign since I still have not heard a single word of real change mouthed from his lips, except for that he’s not G.W. and that he represents hope, I am still flabbergasted at the amount of attention this man can get. What irks me the most about his campaign is that while he has been painted by his supporters as a wholesome picture he still is a man of the system and as far as I am concerned that does not make him any different.

Throughout his political career he has consistently taken campaign money from the nuclear industry and coinciding with the influence of that money he has voted without fail in support of the industry, even though as rational humans we all know of the cataclysmic dangers of nuclear power. Not stopping there he has fully supported the doctrine of nuclear armaments and has not ruled out usage of them. Any candidate that supports nuclear either directly or indirectly is living in an insane universe therefore does not have the wherewithal to be a leader of a changed America that is to lead the world towards the goal of peace.

So, while it appears a rash of persons have drunk the Obama Kool-Aid and are dishing out tons of money towards his campaign the real vehicles of change are struggling to make ends meat. Here in Vermont, there are numerous organizations and potential candidates who would salivate over just a fraction of that money, however it has now been sent off as a mere fraction of the presidential election campaign. Countless organizations throughout the country and Vermont survive on budgets that are smaller than that while they have been successfully advocating for change. To implement real change it begins within our homes. Strengthening our communities and states with actions directed towards your home is much more palatable than say contributing to a major party candidate who mouths the words of change.

While more and more money is raised to flood the nation with false messages of change, there is an absence of money going to the real vehicles of change. David Brower, passionate environmental activist had coined the phrase “Think globally, Act locally” not just as a silent cry of despair but as a mere beacon of wisdom. Successful changes occur in our own backyards and diverting our attentions to large scale proportions weakens that resolve. Instead of adding to the futile frustrations of a presidential election race, consider supporting a valiant cause or candidate at home for that is where real change begins.

Robb Kidd

“The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives” American Philosopher, William James


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