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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

War is Not Peace

In the insane world we live in today, the Orwellian doublespeak of War Is Peace is rampant in the political culture of the day. Six years ago today, a group of individuals of Middle Eastern (Saudi Arabian mostly, our allies) decent hijacked commercial airliners and sequentially propelled them into The World Trade Center and the Pentagon. America had been hit and the consequences of American foreign policy had come full steam ahead and attacked the heart and soul of the nation.

Safely across the Hudson river and tucked away in my former suburban home in New Jersey, I saw the smoke funneling above the New York City skyline and wondered what was going to become of this tragedy. In my heart, I thought maybe this was America’s wakeup call and America would soon question its involvement in the affairs of the world. What naivety I had thinking that people would stop and question. Instead of the hopeful somber reflection I had envisioned, America became engulfed with patriotic zeal and fervor.

That evening, I vividly remember sitting in the local bar and watching the repetitive broadcast news morbidly tell the story of the day, until one striking individual came storming in with anger. His leather jacket was draped with the colors of the American flag and proudly with no remorse he shouted, “Damn towel-heads… I just punched one of them in the face at the gas station; get the fuck out of America, I told them” Too bad for this man, to be raged in so much anger to not even realize that most of the gas station attendants in that town were either Indian or Pakistani and not of Middle Eastern origin.

Shortly afterwards, CNN (Corporate News Network) aired footage of gun fire in Afghanistan, and the crowd around seemed to cheer. “Bomb them to pieces” and Fuck’n Nuke them”, were the words surrealistically floating past me. These were the words I had heard and my heart had been crushed. America was enraged, so instead I sat back and drank my pint of Guinness and perplexedly gazed at the world around me.

As the world turned, the hatred grew further; America soon entered Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden and the beating of the drums pulsated louder. The President and his minions, a bunch of Democrats, the so called Liberal Media, the “extremely liberal” New York Times and practically everyone else within the power structure called for more war. “You are either with us, or against us,” the President cowardly whimpered and the frenzied masses ate it up. Nowhere in the news coverage or in mainstream culture was there any reference to the lies and misrepresentations of facts and truth became causality.

“These people hate freedom” or “they don’t like our way of life,” we were told. I am amazed that people actually believed that. Can anyone one explain it to me, that someone who does not like freedom would come to America to kill themselves along with others, just because they do not like freedom? Now, that is crazy and to anyone who really believes that simplistic way of thinking, I have a bridge to sell them.

We are stuck in a world of lies and deceit and until the countless masses of zombies wake up from their Coca-Cola Commas we are all doomed to be in perpetually state of war. The War on “Terrorism” is a lie and is just another way to blindly keep Americans captivated in a never ending quest to catch a bogeyman. Terror does not stop, by bombs and nor will it ever be stopped by dominating the entire world. France learned that lesson years ago in Southeast Asia particularly in Vietnam, Britain supposedly had in Africa and India but I guess America is just a little bit learning disabled.

War is not peace, no matter how much the government tells you. It is time to reclaim the government from the war mongers of the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as to bypass the talking heads of the media who have lied to us in the past, present and our near future. War is not the answer, no matter how you frame it.

Robb Kidd

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell


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