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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Step It Up !

Saturday November 3 at a location near you, please use your voice and Step it UP. If the the leaders don't hear you, they will not listen.

For the past two hundred years, Americans have seen the effects of the Industrial Revolution dramatically alter the environment. Dramatic change has led to global warming and other environmental catastrophes. The planet needs leadership to take charge and respond.

There are no quick easy solutions; however time is imperative and action is called for now. Pandering to the economic forces of development and industry are what has created this mess, and we can not stand for it any longer.

The first priority is to expand Efficiency Vermont to include all forms of energy. As the current Governor has refused to work with the legislature, we must convince all Republicans and Democrats to fairly tax all current energy sources and override the policies of obstructionism. The Public Utilities are utilities of the public, and investment from profits should remain within Vermont. From our dollars we shall learn to conserve, and develop viable energy alternatives.

In addition, we must discourage gas-guzzling vehicles. Americans should have to pay the true cost of gasoline and by raising gas taxes we will encourage conservation. However, as a counterpoint to the anti-tax crowd, we must begin with an immediate tax refund to offset any additional costs to consumers. Therefore we will create an incentive for serious change in attitudes towards gasoline. Just maybe people will think twice about buying a gas-guzzler or driving excessively. It is imperative that we propel the debate forward and away from the current political obstructionism of today.

Robb Kidd

Step it Up Saturday Nov 3-2007

"I must admit that I personally measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her or his fellow human beings." Margaret Mead


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