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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Step It Up !

Saturday November 3 at a location near you, please use your voice and Step it UP. If the the leaders don't hear you, they will not listen.

For the past two hundred years, Americans have seen the effects of the Industrial Revolution dramatically alter the environment. Dramatic change has led to global warming and other environmental catastrophes. The planet needs leadership to take charge and respond.

There are no quick easy solutions; however time is imperative and action is called for now. Pandering to the economic forces of development and industry are what has created this mess, and we can not stand for it any longer.

The first priority is to expand Efficiency Vermont to include all forms of energy. As the current Governor has refused to work with the legislature, we must convince all Republicans and Democrats to fairly tax all current energy sources and override the policies of obstructionism. The Public Utilities are utilities of the public, and investment from profits should remain within Vermont. From our dollars we shall learn to conserve, and develop viable energy alternatives.

In addition, we must discourage gas-guzzling vehicles. Americans should have to pay the true cost of gasoline and by raising gas taxes we will encourage conservation. However, as a counterpoint to the anti-tax crowd, we must begin with an immediate tax refund to offset any additional costs to consumers. Therefore we will create an incentive for serious change in attitudes towards gasoline. Just maybe people will think twice about buying a gas-guzzler or driving excessively. It is imperative that we propel the debate forward and away from the current political obstructionism of today.

Robb Kidd

Step it Up Saturday Nov 3-2007

"I must admit that I personally measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her or his fellow human beings." Margaret Mead

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Say No to Conservative and Pseudo-Left...

There is a major problem in the world today, and while there is so much universal deceit coming from all corners of the White House believe it or not there are still people who support the criminals who have hijacked America. While some might say that support is only coming from uneducated country bumpkins of the south, religious fundamentals and greedy warmongers of the “industrial complex,” the reality of the matter is that real people like the Governor of Vermont whole heartedly still support the criminality of the President.

I’m still perplexed that in the state known for being a liberal sanctuary that somehow the population still is not in uproar about it. The problem is because Vermont Democrats can not align themselves and support a real “left” candidate for governor and defeat those who continually support the treachery and travesty of the White House, because there individualized egos will get in the way. It is not a fluke that Vermonters elected a “socialist” Bernie Sanders to the Senate. Nor is it that seven members of the Vermont House are from the Progressive Party. That is because people really want change. People are tired of quasi-liberal leadership that ducks around the issue and fails to challenge the real issues. What we need in Vermont and America are politicians with guts to fight for what is right, instead of the centrist compromise that in effect accomplishes nothing. When Democrats are week, we as a people get stuck with this…

While I have spent the last few lines mocking the VT Democrats, I will at least give them some credit for posting this video on line. However, if the VT Democrats fail to align with the left wing of the state, I remind people that the state will be left with a few more years of neglectful governance from Jim “I supported a winner” Douglas. So, with Halloween approaching soon what really scares me is the continued capitulation from centrist democrats. I hope I’m wrong and instead we can all move forward and work together for real change and not the status quo.

Robb Kidd

"In the long run men hit only what they aim at." Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nuclear Hummer

Pictures like this are true examples showing that the world is shit out of bricks. In a supposedly environmental conscious nation, not only are people buying these monstrosities of a vehicle, but now there are exclusive car dealerships just for the sake of selling them. The above picture is from the Hummer dealership of the town I was born in, and it behooves me to say that maybe it is just too f..ing late to stop the course we are on.

However, withstanding my pessimism, at least there has been some good news coming from the environmental front. The American Electric Power Co. agreed to a 4.6 billion dollar settlement with the North-Eastern states just yesterday. For years dirty coal-fired power plants in the Ohio region have been spewing off toxic emissions effecting the entire North-East. The pollutants have been attributed to causing acid rain and as a result killing of natural habitats. While other corporate behemoths such as Exxon-Mobil are still ducking and covering, at least one corporate entity will have to pay.

Adding a little more optimism, Vermont Senator Sanders declared that Vermonters have no faith in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Sanders recently introduced legislation that will allow neighboring states of nuclear power plants to request an independent evaluation of their safety. What a novel idea, instead of trusting the evaluation of the NRC, which incidentally is primarily composed of industry “experts,” Sanders wants to give surrounding governors the power to request having an independent verification of the nuclear plants safety. (For those outside of Vermont, the Vermont Yankee Nuclear power plant recently had two major mishaps shortly after the NRC declared its safe operation.) So instead of waiting twenty years after environmental calamities to have taken place, a neighboring state can potential put a check on dangerous operations.

While holding my breath with this optimism, one would not have to look too hard to see where the pessimism will come from. Enter stage right, but of course, Vermont Governor Douglass. The Governor stated, “it is presumptuous for (Sanders) to say that Vermonters have no faith in the NRC.” A good portion of the state is in an uproar over the status of the Vermont Yankee plant, but unfortunately the Governor lives in a George Bush induced coma of denial and answers only to the party line. Just a few months ago, the Governor vetoed a tax increase of the plant and has continuously whistled to the tune of business, while neglecting the real needs of the people.

It is well know of the oil industry’s corruption of the president, so what is the likelihood of a Republican Vermont’s governors capitulating to the nuclear industry. As the saying goes “birds of a feather flock together,” so when Governor Douglas states "I am somebody of the same political party and we get along pretty well," and "[t]he president is the leader of my party and I am a proud Republican,” one should seriously wonder about his priorities.

While it appears, the world is still going in a hand-basket there still is at least some rays of hope. For today, one industry is anteing up and paying for the environmental havoc they have caused. Let us hope we can remove the inflexible business pragmatists like Governor Douglass before the whole planet becomes radioactive from nuclear power or over-heated from the hummer driven crazed zombies.

Robb Kidd

“All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk.” From another lying Republican kook, Ronald Reagan, the Great Bullshiter