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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Living an Illusion--1984

It has been a busy few months for me, and unfortunately I have not been able to write as much as I would wish. Unfortunately, while school has engaged my time, the world appears to still being crumbling. While the earth burns America continues with their self absorbed ritual with their yearly servitude to a holiday called Xmas. (Please note Christmas has lost its meaning because what Christ had preached has nothing to do with this materialistic holiday, and besides Christ would probably be illegally renditioned to a secret CIA prison tortured and water-boarded and forced to admit he is a member of Al-Qaeda if he were alive today, and Fox-News would brand him a traitor.

So, anyway while I am spending my time in school hopefully learning ways on how to become more effective in tearing down the broke, corrupt and fascist system the world is still going to pieces. These are my top ten reasons of proof that the world is doomed.

1. The Democrats still have not impeached the President,

2. There are more private mercenaries in Iraq than there are US soldiers- so not only are the neo-cons feeding their demand by hiring foreign nationals as mercenary soldiers, they are profiting, and they have hired mercenaries that do not have to answer to any laws.

3. Even though, Al Gore and a bunch of scientists have received a Nobel Prize, corrupt politicians like McCain and Lieberman are stripping any meaningful substance from legislation and continuing supporting the oil, coil or nuclear industry.

4. In Annapolis, Md. a faux peace conference told America that Israeli and America are committed to working for peace with the Palestinians- How can you have a peace conference without inviting the Palestinian government of Hamas, a primary victim to Israel’s apartheid like conditions.

5. The states of New Hampshire and Iowa will soon tell us which corporate stooges of Republicanism or of the Democrats will be allowed to become president, while the candidates advocating real change are ignored by the corporate media..

6. The Republicans debate about immigrants, despite the fact their corporate greed has created the demand for low wages, thus increasing illegal immigration.

7. The new attorney General does not know if water-boarding is torture, and somehow the Senate still confirmed him.

8. OJ makes headline news again and dominates CNN and Fox News-while Americans still do not who Prime Minister Maliki is.

9. Dictator Musharraf in Pakistan receives millions of dollars in aid from the US government, while he jails innocent citizens, shuts down the media, cancels elections, tortures dissenters, proliferates nuclear technology, and has killed innocent civilians. Sounds like grounds for invasion, except for he is George Bush’s friend in the War Of Terror.

10. Trent Lott resigns, sounds positive, but unfortunately he’ll soon be a lobbyist in DC, and I’m not sure which is worse having him vote once, or having him trying to influence legislation.

Anyway, the world is f…ed and if Americans don’t wake up soon we are all truly doomed.

Robb Kidd

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell