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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vermont Yankee Propaganda-Lies and Collapse

Upon listening to the radio, I get more and more frustrated each and every day from the blatant distortion from the Vermont Yankee/Entergy propaganda campaign. Of recent, they claim that because of nuclear power, Vermont has the cleanest air in the country. That is just a plain outright lie and it is unethical to broadcast those claims. First, Vermont’s largest source of power is from hydro-electric dams which is far less environmental deleterious than nuclear; and second, if it were not from landmark environmental legislation (ACT 250) preventing gross over development, Vermont would not have the trees to counterbalance air pollutants, nor have the vast open landscape without strip housing grasping for more fuel. Only in a “humpty-dumpty world” is nuclear environmentally responsible.

Vermont does not need nuclear, and with forward thinking Vermont can move past the anachronistic thinking of the past. However, due to the vast financial resources of the Entergy Corporation the propaganda machine is off and running. Everyday I either hear their lies on WDEV or on the not so public radio of VPR, and so we as listeners, consumers and citizens must take a stand against the lies.

Below is a letter I sent to Ken Squire of WDEV expressing my concerns, I urge others to do the same.

Dear Ken Squire,

As a regular listener of WDEV I appreciate the diversity of opinions offered in its programming. Unlike most other radio stations, WDEV gives its listening audience a wide range of opinions. I feel that even the opinions I disagree with offer the community a great service. However, a recent advertisement blitz by the Vermont Yankee/Entergy Corporation (VY) is destroying that credibility. Entergy’s commercials are a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts and its continued broadcasting is unethical.

Although, WDEV does have a priority in receiving operating revenues from its advertisers, WDEV could use some discretion in accepting advertising dollars. VY’s sponsorship is costing WDEV and its other advertiser valuable resources. For upon hearing a commercial from VY, I immediately change the radio frequency, subsequently missing any of the following commercials. Although, I am just one individual I have been encouraging others to follow suit. Many others are also disgusted with the VY deliberate false rhetoric and therefore if WDEV continues to air the commercials WDEV and its advertisers are bond to loose customers.

Once again, I appreciate the diversity of opinions offered by WDEV radio, however WDEV will need to demand that VY provide non-deceptive advertising, to allow “free-“ counter advertising, or to eliminate VY advertising. Thank you for reading my concerns, and your continued broadcasting service.

The lies of the propaganda machine are no longer appropriate, however until we all stand up and confront injustices in all areas of life, the politics and practice of greed and deception will destroy us. Take a stand…

Robb Kidd

“In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” George Orwell.


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