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Friday, August 08, 2008

Changing Organics

A long time has come since I have last written, and since that time my world is rapidly changing. While it appears to me that the world is in a state of chaos and doom, thankfully there is a lot of joy in my world, and I hope for your world as well. Joy makes it all worth living.

For starters I finished school (now I am more than just a radical on the street, but a radical on the street with a Master’s degree), second I am getting married in a week. Anyway, so while the world is masked with so much gloom, I try to look through it and see a silver lining, and take away the many positives that come about each day. It is a hard thing I must tell you because on every passing page or corner there is creeping darkness. However, dispute the madness there are so many people out there doing so much good, and that is where I see the spark of hope in the world.

Now, it is not the hope of a Barrack Obama, for I talk about it is the real hope of people doing change right in their own backwards. Having an Obama sticker on your car or donating money to a political campaign ain’t going to get you a dime (maybe you hope you can). Real hope and change comes from what we do in our everyday world, not waiting for someone above to make things better, change and hope from comes from you and I.

We must change the way we all live. Switching from bananas grown in Chile to organic bananas grown in Ecuador is no different than switching from Pepsi Cola to R.C. Cola. Consumption of goods, 6,000 miles away is bad no matter how it is grown, conventionally or organically. Our whole way of doing business must change.

Secondly, the so called “greening up” of the economy with eco-friendly products is another falsity. The reason we as a planet are in such a dyer predicament is because we as humans have over consumed the planets resources. It is nice my tee-shirt is made from organic cotton, however do we need seventy tee-shirts or an energy efficient dishwashing microwavable toaster? We as a society can not fix the problems of the 20th century by using the same methods that created the problems.

We as a society must move to a more locally based economy, where the majority of our food is cultivated or raised nearby. Consumption of goods needs to be limited to real necessities, and not to the latest Madison Avenue fad. Furthermore, income has to be prioritized based on the value of the job. Why does it that society condemns the salary of a teacher, while the salary of a video-game designer is praised (not to mention professional athletes or other entertainers.) Who in society has the most value, the teacher, the farmer, the nurse, or does the assistant chief marketing procurer of children’s breakfast cereal? This all has to change, not later but now…

So as my days move along and are rapidly changing, I see a world of chaos revolving around me. Instead of living hopelessly in despair I salute those kindred spirits of mine who are out there making a difference. Those growing the local foods, those promoting the local foods, those make clothes from hand, and those supporting all of them are my heroes. Let us all support them and change our way of living to a better world.

Robb Kidd

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?” Mahatma Gandhi,


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