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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reality or DNC Illusion ?

I am glad I do not have a television with reception. I am glad that it was sunny today. I am glad I am alive…

However, outside in reality the country is slipping into a deeper whole, and the lemmings are following Obama deeper into that whole. Let me first clarify before the “Blame Naderites” get on my case. John McCain is a nut, but that still does not justify me blindly supporting Obama.

I do not support candidates that propose escalating military campaigns such as in Afghanistan, candidates that “criticize” the war in Iraq while refusing to talk about immediate withdrawal or cancellation of the U.S. Embassy fortress the size of the Vatican, and a candidate that has not ruled out usage of the Nuclear Weapons on Iran. Each one of those reasons is clear indications that he is not the “peace” candidate but the mere continuance of the Republican-Democrat (chicken hawk) corporate imperialism.

But in case no one has been paying attention the proof positive that Obama is not radically different from the current administration policies is his selection of Joe Biden as Vice-Presidential candidate. Does America remember when Biden was the Democrat’s Chief Architect in given powers to George Bush to wage war in Iraq? Obama and his supporters can charge as much as they want on the illusion that Obama is the candidate of change, however he is more of the same illusory chicken hawk mentality that the Democratic Party has sold out the American People. The Democrats in succumbing to such mediocrity and complicity are responsible for the collapse of America.

As I will not vote for McCain and I will not vote for Obama, I am disgusted in the Coca-Cola-Coma America has been consumed with. Whether the War Hawk or the Chicken Hawk wins, America is still ruled by the corporate minions of ATT, Exelon, Monsanto and the World Bankers. The question is are you ready for change and can you break your dependence from the lies of political party showmanship? Or would you rather have political spectacles paid for by the corporate criminals who have sold out America. I choose freedom, and my freedom is to declare independence from the top down elitism of the political parties.


Robb Kidd

“So is there a difference between Democrats and Republicans? Sure. The Democrats say one thing ("Save the planet!") and then do another--quietly holding hands behind the scenes with the bastards who make this world a dirtier, meaner place. The Republicans just come right out and give the bastards a corner office in the West Wing. That's the difference.” Michael Moore

“As a rule, large capitalists are Republicans and small capitalists are Democrats, but workingmen must remember that they are all capitalists, and that the many small ones, like the fewer large ones, are all politically supporting their class interests, and this is always and everywhere the capitalist class.” Eugene Debs who was jailed for expressing his viewpoints while running for President


At September 18, 2008 11:34 AM, Anonymous JD RYan said...

Obama's not going to save the world.

McCain will most certainly destroy it.

Sure, in VT it's safe to vote for Nader (who's an arrogant prick now whose best days are long behind him- and I say that as a former supporter). But you're really dismissing a huge swath of the realists on the left that realize that NOTHING is more important than stopping John McCain right not.

That world you and I envision does not exist in the minds of most Americans.

From where I'm standing, the revolution is not going to take place in the streets. That's an old, outdated method that is utterly irrelevant at this stage of the game, although it makes one feel good about themselves. It is revolution of the mind that we need. We can lament, whine, do all this "no difference between Dems and Repubs" B.S., but until we start changing the way American think at a fundamental level, nothing is going to change.

At September 18, 2008 12:54 PM, Blogger RobbKidd said...


The change has to begin somewhere and voting for Obama just ain't going to do.

Everybody told me I had to vote for Clinton and looked what happened. He made it easier for the Republican Thugs to ruin the country.

At September 19, 2008 8:05 AM, Anonymous JD RYan said...

Ok, but look at it this way... voting for Obama at the very least, stops McCain, if nothing else, something very important. Voting for a hack like Nader just makes you feel good about yourself. It has no real world consequences whatsoever, other than satisfying your own ideological purity. I couldn't live with McCain as president. Perhaps you can.

No candidate is going to bring about change until the American people are onboard. Until we can rip them away from their television sets, they're not going to.


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