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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Change ?

I am tired of hearing politicians and there minions declare that they are the agent of change. Everywhere I go I see the words change illuminated on the political horizon; however when a candidate announces something different than the status quo or the candidate is not part of “establishment” the candidate is chastised as either being unrealistic or just “inexperienced.”

So, I ponder, what does change mean for these supposed agents of change?

Political speech in an Orwellian World:

Candidate of Change:

1. being different than the candidate who currently holds the position, but only slightly in regards to social policy, not in economic, foreign or energy policy;

2. being the candidate who may be of a different major political party, but only when that candidates is not part of the same party of the current unpopular Chief Executive;

3. being a candidate that has been a major voice in the legislative body and has willing compromised and cooperated with the current Chief Executive into orchestrating draconian or Band-Aid solutions;

4. being a candidate that either comes from wealth, a long history of being a political insider, or an executive of a company that has profited enormously from the economic system.

Whichever it is, it all is crazy. No wonder, we as a society keep going in a political merry go round of nothingness. If you want different results you can not just support empty baseless rhetoric and wash your hands of it. You as an individual must rise to the occasion and participate in the experiment called democracy, otherwise it ain’t a democracy:

1. Get yourself informed- That does not mean watching CNN (The Corporate News Network), reading the New York Times (The paper of Judith Miller the stooge and the drum majorette for Bush’s War), or the Blogs (most of them are just rehashed political diarrhea –including mine). Information- is obtained first hand be being there and hearing yourself, because by no matter who tells the story it is all biased-(Including mine- haven’t you figured out that I am a conservative Republican with Stocks in Exxon-Mobil, I really think Nuclear power is the way of the future and that Global Warming is a plot of the International Jewish Conspiracy.)

2. Speak your mind- When you find something you support go out and support it. Do not just sit there in your pink bunny slippers watching TV waiting for the second coming of Jesus. Go out there and speak your mind and speak it loud, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. (If you refuse to speak because of your job, realize that your job is just not that important, for you will find another one, and if your employer does not like what you said, then maybe you just should not work there if can not freely speak your mind.)

Change is something that comes from within and is not something that is dictated from above. If you want change, get out there and speak your mind, because the talking heads will continue to do it for you if you do not.


Robb Kidd

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein.


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