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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blind Faith in Party

Everyday, I keep searching for light at the other end of the tunnel or the proverbial grass is greener on the other side of the hill but unfortunately everyday I seem to get further away from finding it. Somewhere over the rainbow, I am sure there is a better way, but what now has emerged in public discourse is nothing more than slight of hand tricks by slick magicians fooling the flock with mindless rhetoric.

I would love to say that it is better somewhere else, but unfortunately the border country of Canada(for those who did not know the US borders Canada) narrowly reelected the Conservative government of Stephen Harper. Harper whose mere obedience to the corporate neo-conservative ideologue is just as scary as it is here South of the Border. It turns out Harper is a shrill for the oil industry just as much as Bush and Cheney. Nevertheless, I sit here on this rainy fall day, contemplate how to chang the world.

On my pet peeve list for today, is blind party allegiance or anti-one-party-allegiance. Over the last eight years America had seen the Republican undivided party allegiance lead America into a preemptive war and bankrupt the country. Republicans followed their leader (Bush) onto the sinking ship, and with each passing day they grew fervently more supportive. Likewise, the oppositional Democrats instead of standing up strong and offering alternatives, they capitulated and advocated for only lesser war and slightly restrained corporate power, and totally selling America short.

Now we have an election coming and once again “it is the most important election of your lifetime.” Unfortunately, once again the national media/establishment had anointed their candidates far before America was ever given a choice, so were are stuck with Obama and McCain.(Not to mention Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, or Ron Paul)

Which President Candidate supports the following?

1. Advancing usage of Nuclear power and using nuclear weapons.
2. Bailing out the failed Wall Street system of corruption
3. Expanding Missile Defense systems.
4. Continuing favoring Israel while alienating Palestine as a policy
5. Expanding the usage of “Clean” Coal while simultaneous saying they will curb global warming.
6. Continue or expanding War in Afghanistan.
7. Supports the Federal Reserve as an institution.

If you answered John McCain you are right; however if you answered Barrack Obama you are also right. So the next question is, do you have a choice?

Now that I pissed of the Obama faithful and the pragmatic party people, I ask one more question, why can’t the LEFT be LEFT?

Going to the polls next month and voting strictly on party platforms and party labels is more of the same dogmatic approach used faithfully by Republicans everyone was so vehemently against. I want to see a real change but America was bamboozled by the media into believing the “viable” choice was between Clinton and Obama (Edwards, the womanizer spoke to the supposed liberal base for a short while). Any candidate who prescribed to anything different was marginalized, ridiculed and silenced by the establishment that democracy was never given a fighting chance.

Like religious zealots and fundamentalists, the parties are underhandedly subverting the American political system. The flock is supposed to take their statements at face value and not question their judgment because they are not “Republicans” or they are not “Democrats.” On a recent exchange with a Vermont blog, I was told candidate worship was a dangerous thing, however the writer an ardent partisan and former party employee could not see past his party allegiance. Which is worse actively supporting the party system which has failed or supporting a candidate with clear differences?

We need to support candidates that have the wherewithal to speak directly on issues and not speak in convoluted tongues. Candidates that are part of the “We Know Better” establishment have failed us time after time and therefore must change. The politics in our nation and our states is not working, so why should we follow the same ground rules?

Robb Kidd

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.“
Albert Einstein


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