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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Political Dollar Power

As the election campaigns wind down to the end, I am gladly awaiting it to be over. Although, I am actively involved in the Vermont Gubernatorial race I am looking forward to the day when people can talk about issues again when it pertains to politics. I am sick of the political diarrhea about Obama, McCain, Palin or Biden and for whatever it is worth I am sick of the large sums of money wasted to tell America who should represent you.

In the news, the USA Today reported this election season has already cost 5.3 billion dollars by the candidates. Imagine if all that money was instead spent on social programs, what kind of progress we could have made stimulating the economy, educating people, housing homeless, or healing the sick. We would have had a greater possibility for real change rather the mere lip service the candidates spew repeatedly about change.

These elections are a scam on democracy and all that matters to pundits is how much a candidate can raise, or mere election frivolity. News dominates coverage based on a candidate’s ability to raise money and not on their ideas, honesty, or past leadership skills. In Vermont, we have a Governor, who has raised over a million dollars, a Democrat challenger over three hundred thousand dollars, and the Independent (Progressive) over one hundred thousand dollars. Add those numbers to the seven hundred sixty thousand dollar fund raiser last summer in Norwich, VT and you have a lot of money for a state in a deep recession and pinched to fund schools, repair bridges or pay workers.

Then once you compare those numbers to how much money was provided in the bank bailout (770 Billion) a pattern emerges. The candidates are funded by those with money, and therefore once elected they reward their donors with favorable legislation. Whether it is with missile defense contracts, paving jobs, or large scale bank bailouts, the system compromises elected officials.

So, as we see more money than ever going into the campaigns we see the policies increasingly favoring those of wealth. Unfortunately, it is not going to change until we as a populace vote based on ideas and issues, and move away from the party dominated money system. So, as the countdown to Election Day clicks away, I hope people begin to wake up to the reality that their vote is practically meaningless since it has already been co-opted by the elites and wealthy of the nation. In reality the real solution calls for everyone to be political informed 365 days year. Once political involvement reaches that level the power of democracy and reason will overcome the power of money. Come election day go out and vote, but remember democracy counts on you being involved the rest of the year.


Robb Kidd

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


At October 24, 2008 7:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

McKinney or Nader?

At October 25, 2008 5:43 PM, Blogger RobbKidd said...

I don't think McKinney is on the ballot in VT, so I do not who I'll vote for.


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